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need more time!!

by - October 13, 2009

dont we all?? goshhh time is running too fast... i need more time... more time to be with my joelis (hv been extremely busy) trying to match my time with office, and fulfilling lisa's needs - registering for her secondary school and also sending her for the audition. she is busy too this week. somehow, i am trying to get all those into my tight schedule. dont know how am i gonna do that - but i will manage - as always :)

oh did i tell you that joey started his football official practice? it all started last weekend when he said he wanted to play with his school friend. i never knew that he plays football. but since he asked, i said ok, and sent him to the field to meet up with his friends. sadly, only 1 boy turn up. they both played anyway :) when i picked him up - he looked really sweaty and smelly :P at that point of time i thought of SA. I called him up and asked if he still coaches. and guess what?? yeup... and so, the next day... 830am.. err ok lah.. 840am joey was already at the football field with the coach and a few other boys :) lisa and i went off for our breakfast and picked him up later when he's done.

when he got home, his whole body was aching... pity him... :) i gave him panadols since his body was quite warm. he's okay the next day... bought for him new pair of football socks and shin guard :)

and yesterday, lisa told me that she's gonna play futsal now.... hmmmm... not bad at all.. :) let's just see if she'll enjoy the game.. this is gonna be fun! :) i am so looking forward to see them play some day.

perhaps next time i will have some photos to put up. :)

by the way, kaiser and i were invited to the selangorturfclub to experience horse racing. they called it 'ladies day out' on that day where all the ladies will dress up with their hats etc etc... i was quite nervous when i saw the website. dont tell me i had to get a hat for that purpose??!! err.. no way... i am not a hat person or a belt person.. so, i decided to just get one of my dress in the closet and put it on. get my hair done at the saloon.. did my own make-up (kaiser prefers me looking natural) :P and off we go... traffic was quite smooth at MRR2.

when we got there... boy am i glad that i did not go all out to dress up!! but i must admit that some of them really did :) looked a bit errr strange for me as i have not seen this in malaysia.. :) but yeahh... ok lah... something new for me to know. and luckily kaiser did not bring his suit as i've told him too.. or he'll look too smart :P anyway, after a while, we both got bored.. heh heh... the function was so not for us...

we walked back to the hotel where we parked our car. and somehow... we ended up going round the hotel and take a few pictures. we really enjoyed ourselves :) and we felt like we were on a holiday somewhere.. :D some pics turned up to be nice :) seriously :P here... look at them... ;) anyway, we enjoyed each others' company... and that was a nice 'date' for us. and looking at the clock... we still have enough time to drive home and pick up joey from theater :)

*yawn* i am sleepy now... time is 1156pm... nite2 people..

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