Sunday, October 18, 2009

long weekend...

time is dragging la... for the first time after a few weeks, i feel like the weekend is so slow.. i felt like i have done lots of things but it is still slow. :( while i am typing this now, lisa is having her noon nap, joey is at the playground where i can see him from my balcony.. and the maid is cleaning the bathroom. i hope i can go to ikea later as planned... and not feeling lazy. hmmm and 1 more week to go without kaiser around. hmmm... *sigh*... double *sigh* and it is like semua serba tak kena... chiss... tah pa per tah... :)

i really dont have the mood to even blogging... and this is so not good... i should go out... i better go out... having migraine now.... no!!!!