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it's only the first day...

by - October 17, 2009

woke up really early this morning. around 4am. supposed to send kaiser to the airport. and today, i have been spending like crazy... i know something is bothering me :/ and i think i am missing kaiser already - whhuhhh... musshy me.. duhh... lisa had those eyes rolling when i told her that i miss kaiser already... heh heh :D

wanna know what i did today? :) it is almost the end of the day. i felt really tired once i am home. started the day at 4am.. and could not sleep till 5am... kaiser and i woke up.. got ready and by 540am we headed to klia... kaiser drove on the way there. and i thought i was gonna sleep on the way - not... :P he'll be asking, which way to go... quite tough huh if most of the signboards are in bahasa.

reached klia, checked in.. we had breakfast at mc d... waited for awhile before i decided to leave. kaiser looked worried - and i asked him why... he doesnt like the long journey... i dont like it too.. :) before he left to take the train to the boarding area... i shook and kissed his hand.. he grabbed me, and kissed me :) and for awhile we forgot we were at the airport... hmmm.. sure gonna miss him.. :) and duuh.. so what..he is my husband :) :P and i sniffed his neck... heh heh... i like his smell there :P i waited till he passed the immigration area.. then i drove home.. see if you guys can spot him in that pic on the right... took it with my phone camera.. heh heh :D

i took the wrong turning again on the way back.. different junction this time :P anyway, got a shorter way to turn back.. instead of going all the way to kajang. called kaiser, and told him i got the wrong way.. heh heh... anyway... before we hang up... 'i love you' he said, and with that naughty small laugh... and i felt relieved when i replied, 'i love you too'....

when i got home, joelis have showered. we went for breakfast, washed my car. then got back continue with laundry. slept for 2 hours. went out for joey's drum class.. lisa and i walked around - i did my mani pedi.. lisa went to the book store with joey.. then we went to studio cafe for late lunch.. got home, then i went to color my hair while joey has his hair cut.

got home, perform maghrib prayers, went out for dinner.. then, we drove home.. shower, perform isya' prayer... and here i am... writing my blog.. still missing kaiser - joelis giggling at the sofa watching this new sitcom..

this posting is so hay-wire... :P

ein signing out at 1000pm

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