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dont leave me too long

by - October 18, 2009

hahaha :D LOL.... this is so not good. the last time kaiser left me at berjaya times square for about 2 hours, i ended up trade in my handphone and got a new one.. and this time, he is away for about 10 days... and today is only the 1st day... i have been out shopping with joelis.. and lisa was shocked to see the cashier.. and she was not the only one who is shocked. i got shocked too! goshh.... how laaa... i used up all the cash that i saved for entertainment in my box... looks like i need to save up more.. for my diving trip :( huwaaa... but then again.. at least i bought a few good stuff for our little apartment :)

somehow i cant upload some pics... will do it later2 okay..

before after

ein gotta sleep now... already 1115pm.. nite2 everyone!

me miss him... :P

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