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the day will start as usual tomorrow. the company event completed yesterday. i would call it a success. :) thanks to all the team member. a lil bit of cleaning up after this. we had an event at zoo negara. i had a bad migraine in the morning. perhaps i was too worried about the event. but work needs to be done. took 2 painkillers - drank half a glass of xango. felt much better. lisa joined the zoo hunt for the kids category. she fell down just before the flag off. i didnt realised that she was bruised quite badly until at the end of the event. i called up one of my colleague who was incharge of the first aid to assist. anyway, her group won 1st prize! worth it la...

by the time i got home, i was extremely tired. showered, prayed and went straight to bed. i think joelis slept at midnight. i was amazed with their energy... half a day at the zoo negara and they can still stay up late... still full of energy... hmmmm... what does that means? sshhhhh! :P

and today, early in the morning sent …

value friendship

i received an sms from a friend and it sounded urgent. i was like a dying cockroach running here and there for air. seriously! but, i love it. :) my event is coming up this saturday. well, the company's event actually. whooppss... i have not done my boss's speech.. darn!! errr.. okay okay.. will do it soon :P just wanna say that sometimes in friendship people tend to forget that we need to value the friendship. respect and take care of our friend's feelings. girlfriend/boyfriend come and go but good friends remain...

better go... later later ok...

no monday blues :)

i never believe in monday blues. it is all in your mind :) i had a great day although in the morning, someone i met at the lift said that i looked 'muncung' :D heh heh... wow! i didnt realized that when i am thinking of something, i can look so serious :P anyway i wanted to have light breakfast today but somehow when i saw someone at the pantry with nasi lemak daun pisang - i failed miserably! darnnnn.... i aim to still do my exercise although kaiser is not around. and aiming on my thigh.. drink lots of water *sigh* my weakness.

i had a production day today. everything went well and infact too fast. yeup back to too fast. means all is well. got an email from US today.. was not expecting one today, but hey... it made my day... made me smile in front of my laptop. and later we sms each other and kesian dia... he is still having jet lag :)

i got home just before maghrib... had dinner with the whole family at my parents'. have to admit that i missed having dinner like that. but …

dont leave me too long

hahaha :D LOL.... this is so not good. the last time kaiser left me at berjaya times square for about 2 hours, i ended up trade in my handphone and got a new one.. and this time, he is away for about 10 days... and today is only the 1st day... i have been out shopping with joelis.. and lisa was shocked to see the cashier.. and she was not the only one who is shocked. i got shocked too! goshh.... how laaa... i used up all the cash that i saved for entertainment in my box... looks like i need to save up more.. for my diving trip :( huwaaa... but then again.. at least i bought a few good stuff for our little apartment :)

somehow i cant upload some pics... will do it later2 okay..

before after

ein gotta sleep now... already 1115pm.. nite2 everyone!

me miss him... :P

long weekend...

time is dragging la... for the first time after a few weeks, i feel like the weekend is so slow.. i felt like i have done lots of things but it is still slow. :( while i am typing this now, lisa is having her noon nap, joey is at the playground where i can see him from my balcony.. and the maid is cleaning the bathroom. i hope i can go to ikea later as planned... and not feeling lazy. hmmm and 1 more week to go without kaiser around. hmmm... *sigh*... double *sigh* and it is like semua serba tak kena... chiss... tah pa per tah... :)

i really dont have the mood to even blogging... and this is so not good... i should go out... i better go out... having migraine now.... no!!!!

it's only the first day...

woke up really early this morning. around 4am. supposed to send kaiser to the airport. and today, i have been spending like crazy... i know something is bothering me :/ and i think i am missing kaiser already - whhuhhh... musshy me.. duhh... lisa had those eyes rolling when i told her that i miss kaiser already... heh heh :D

wanna know what i did today? :) it is almost the end of the day. i felt really tired once i am home. started the day at 4am.. and could not sleep till 5am... kaiser and i woke up.. got ready and by 540am we headed to klia... kaiser drove on the way there. and i thought i was gonna sleep on the way - not... :P he'll be asking, which way to go... quite tough huh if most of the signboards are in bahasa.

reached klia, checked in.. we had breakfast at mc d... waited for awhile before i decided to leave. kaiser looked worried - and i asked him why... he doesnt like the long journey... i dont like it too.. :) before he left to take the train to the boarding area... i s…

need more time!!

dont we all?? goshhh time is running too fast... i need more time... more time to be with my joelis (hv been extremely busy) trying to match my time with office, and fulfilling lisa's needs - registering for her secondary school and also sending her for the audition. she is busy too this week. somehow, i am trying to get all those into my tight schedule. dont know how am i gonna do that - but i will manage - as always :)

oh did i tell you that joey started his football official practice? it all started last weekend when he said he wanted to play with his school friend. i never knew that he plays football. but since he asked, i said ok, and sent him to the field to meet up with his friends. sadly, only 1 boy turn up. they both played anyway :) when i picked him up - he looked really sweaty and smelly :P at that point of time i thought of SA. I called him up and asked if he still coaches. and guess what?? yeup... and so, the next day... 830am.. err ok lah.. 840am joey was already at …

joelis' weekend

i brought them to the office to check out the snakes :) as expected, my kids are cool and brave! just like mommy.... ahahh! check this out!

you can change a person's life

i was trying to tell joelis this story the other day. somehow, i got everything mixed up... just like what's in my head... all jumbled up. but i really want them to know. this is indeed a very good story! read on people... :) and enjoy..

One day, when I was a freshman in high school,
I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school.
His name was Kyle.
It looked like he was carrying all of his books.
I thought to myself, 'Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday?
He must really be a nerd.'
I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on.
As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him.
They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt.
His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him...
He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes
My heart went out to him. So, I jogged over to hi…

how much can children do for their parents

its already friday. had a very busy week... but now just taking some time off just to write my thoughts today.

i stayed a bit longer at the office yesterday. had my gym session that ended around 650pm. then went back to my office to get certain things done. 24 hours a day seems too short for me nowadays. wanted to leave earlier... however, something went wrong with the office door that i had to wait till around 815pm for our technician to come. i knew i promised joey that i'd bring him to C4 last night to get a new pencil case and school bag for him. i got home, so hungry... had dinner at my parents... and later joey came.. to me..

joey: maa...
me: yes darling... kiss kiss... *and he brought his cheek nearer to me for me to kiss him :) *
joey: i read in the paper's about the star
me: horoscope?
joey: haa... yes! and it says about lisa..
me: hehehe :D yeah?
joey: it says leo is bossy..
*and at the same time lisa came running from upstairs...*
lisa: ma... this is urgent, can we go to the …

so what is a digital SLR anyway?

i am in the midst of looking for a good camera... my other project is completed. :) who knows... it could be cheaper in US? :) and it's good to share what i found right?
So what is a digital SLR, anyway?The term digital SLR is short for digital single lens reflex, so named because these types of cameras use a mirror positioned behind the camera lens to direct light toward the viewfinder when you're composing a photo. When you release the shutter, the mirror swings quickly out of the way, letting light from the lens travel straight to the sensor and momentarily blacking out the viewfinder. The viewfinder in an SLR incorporates a prism--usually a pentaprism--that flips the incoming image around so that you can see it right side up and bounces it onto the focusing screen where you see it.
The SLR design allows one camera to accommodate a very wide range of lens focal lengths, and that's the biggest reason that SLRs dominate serious photography. The explanation? With a non-SLR …
Hmmm we are done eating but my car is not ready yet. Hmmm what do i do now?

Its sunday already?!

Thats us having breakfast while i wash my car at the same time. :)

Mama's frog

Isnt this cute? Joey just drew this on a piece of tissue while waiting for me to finish up my durian. :)