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Things money cannot buy

by - September 03, 2009

my eldest sister is in jakarta and i got a phone call from my mom saying there was a riot there.. and my sister was flying back asap... only last night i saw on the news a few indonesians burning malaysia flag at malaysia embassy. was not really sure what causes it. anyhow, i dont think that is a smart way of expressing disappointment. sad... yes... but does it affect me on other ways..? i not being patriotic? i just told kaiser about the incident and kaiser was not into all these... hmmm... i do feel sad that those happened over there..

anyway.... here is something that i'd like to share with you :)

Note to self (supaya jangan lupa diri), and for those who has lost their values due to their obsession with wealth.

There is no happiness in the material world.

While it is true that money is essential in our everyday day to day living, it cannot buy all things that we need and want.

Money can buy House BUT NOT HOME. We are told when we are young that there is a huge difference between a house and a home. While there may be no difference structurally and physically, the difference comes when you take a look at who lives in it. A home is special than a house because a home is where love and harmony resides. In other words, if you live in a house where love and harmony resides, then that can be considered as a home. Remember, we are used to say “home sweet home” and we are not saying “house sweet house”. That would be awkward.
Money can buy Clock BUT NOT TIME. Money can definitely buy a clock. A clock is simply a material that money can buy. However, money cannot buy time. A lost time cannot be brought back while a lost clock can simply be replaced by buying another one. So we must assure that we maximize our time. Spend it to the things that we enjoy and to the things that we love.
Money can buy Bed BUT NOT SLEEP. Again, money can buy a bed because it simply is a material thing. However, money cannot buy sleep. We are referring here about the things that worry you. These are the things that pops out enabling you to have a hard time sleeping. Your conscience is simply the best thing that can help you and money cannot buy conscience. We must therefore free ourselves from guilt by not hurting others and doing good.
Money can buy Book BUT NOT KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is considered as one of the most important treasures that we can possess. In fact, I think it is the only treasure that cannot be robbed or stolen from us. Surely, money can buy hundreds and even thousands of books out there but you cannot gain knowledge if you don’t read them. Even if you have millions, it cannot simply put those knowledge in your mind. We must therefore feed our mind with fresh ideas. Ideas nowadays can really make you rich.
Money can buy Position BUT NOT RESPECT. Yes, that’s how powerful money is. It can buy a position! We can see this example on connections. A person can easily bribe a high ranking official for him to enter into his desired position. He can probably buy that position but not respect. If he does not possess the qualities to be in that position, definitely, he cannot earn respect even if he has a lot of money!
Money can buy Sex BUT NOT LOVE. We all know that money can easily buy sex. We can see this fact to various prostitution acts that operate underground in various countries due to lack of employment opportunities. Those prostitutes sell their bodies just to have some money for their needs and wants. While it is true that money can indeed buy sex, it cannot buy love.
Money can buy Luxuries BUT NOT HAPPINESS. No questions asked, money can buy luxuries. You can use money to buy luxurious things such as nice grandeur house, hottest cars and gadgets, and every luxurious living that you dream in your life. But money cannot buy happiness. We can see this fact to some rich persons. Even if they do have almost anything that the world offers materially, still they are not happy. There is still lacking in their lives that will make them happy.

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