Monday, September 14, 2009

raya mood is here...

hari raya is next week... the mood is already here. physically at the office but mind is at home. errmmm am i not always like that? >:) heh heh heh... i guess people are never satisfied wherever or whatever. cant imagine myself at home - doing my own biz and who knows, i might say, i wish i am at work - an office... duhhh... biar betul.

ouch... my back hurts.. and ohh... this lousy drama on the radio is so silly lah. felt stupid listening to it.

i am blabbering i know.. i just wanna do something but i dont know what. i just need to write/type or whatever... last night i went out for dinner with kaiser after sending joelis at my parents. and there is this one cute kitten - looked like joey's virtual pet - kuakera.. :) and we took a lot of pictures.. errmm i forgot to bring the cable with me. so, cant upload the pics lah... later2 ok :)