Friday, September 25, 2009

it's different this year

talking about hari raya this time. it is a bit diffferent - situation, feelings, and a few others. i have a few pictures still in the camera. so not me, being not updated on photos. but...*sigh* why ahh?? maybe due to work... my mind is more at work than updating the photos - blog. noticed my, i call it 'all over the place' postings? :) that is because i so wanna update but not in the mood :P and repeating... darn...

oh.. my car was crashed by my dad's car a day before raya. well to be honest, i was more concerned about my dad than my car. i sort of gave up on my car's condition. simply because, whatever scars that i have on my car, was not from my own doing. so i kinda gave up. the bruise on the bumper - i left it for over a year. and now the back door crashed. oh well... latest update, my dad repaired my car 2 days ago :) had it repainted and knocked at the workshop. the result, okay lah.. :)

photoshoot - did i mentioned that i was not in the mood this year? maybe because this time there are 4 of us... hahaha LOL... it was much easier to control for the past few years... joelis and i had fun... but with an additional - err... lots of mood swing going round :P ahakss... but... since lisa asked, we did it anyway. kaiser was embarrased at first but ahhh what the heck... he must join in the fun! and the result was simply fantastic! ;)

hari raya travelling. it was okay laa... just that the timing was a bit out this year. and i missed going to nenek ngah's house.. :( joelis went. i missed it coz we have already set a meeting on wednesday. i joined after lunch to a few aunts' house.

errhhmm.... can i update more later later? just feel like doing nothing right now... will upload more pics some other day.. boy... internet is darn slow today... and phone lines are crazy too >:(