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i totally disagree

by - September 01, 2009

i know i should be doing my work that has been piling up. just a few minutes to write how i feel right now... pleeesss.... :P

i am getting tired of receiving such emails about certain things. and the latest one that i received was about the 'poco2 dance'. puhleezzz lah... be more open about this. well, i am taking the risk writing this and get whatever kind of feedback. i have the rights to my own opinion. some people out there are just so free to find such details of things and at the end it just separate from one human being to another. what is so wrong about the poco2... dancing like the cross lah... because the christians have been doing it lah.. come on... the most important thing is, your niat and Allah swt knows what it is. Imagine those makcik2 out there - this is one of the exercise that they enjoy doing - it releases their stress at work/home, they sweat and it made them healthy and happy. so... is that so wrong??? i know someone who looked forward for this dance gathering every time... and it makes her happy... and cheerful. she is not privileged to attend any dancercise that needed monthly payment. aarrgghh... this is so sick... Islam does not teach us to isolate ourselves from other people. Islam teaches us to be nice to everyone... it is just a form of repetitions of movements... where else to pusing2 la??? gosh!!

and another one about these not clever boycotts... all they think about is to do things right in front of their eyes. they heard something.. and ohh... we should boycott certain product coz they are supporting the jews... duuhh... why fight against religions? it is the people... not the religion! have they done enough thinking that when they start to boycott, lots of people will lose their source of income? (if the co. fails) and do they realize that there are people ... doesnt matter what religion they believe in working in that co. too? and these people are supporting their family... and by boycotting that product - they cant support their family anymore when they are out of job! so, you out there who is doing this.. you wanna be responsible?? think with your head lah!

goshh... these really pissed me off lah... so damn narrow minded!

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