24 hours a day no longer enuf

busy bee.... me... yes.. ;) i like it but it is making me nervous. anyway, abt that car that i posted, i was upset with the driver coz he/she drove like a drunk snake on the road. that car actually squeezed me to the left... goshh...

anyway, today has been a very fast day... met 2 suppliers. looking for a tshirt supplier. urgent. hopefully i can finalized by today. my troop will be having a road tour next week, and it would be nice if the tshirt is ready by then. stretching my hands everywhere now...

have not been uploading pic of raya. nothing much. :) all the same. although this is the 1st year that i have a husband 'again' :P.... the diff is, he is not into the culture. so, agak liat lah...orang german, biasa lah degil... hahha LOL... gggrr... anyway, thats beside the point. we had fun anyway.. ;)
now, i am still at the office... wanna see them assembling my new workspace? :) should be ready soon. and this time, i am making a new style for my workstation... yeahhh right... kita tengok jer nanti ok.. :) my place is going to be the end... i have been hear since we moved. so it is about time i get a new 'house' ahaksss... :D i am so excited.

what else?? ohhh... right now i am missing maira... the new edition to the family. my eldest sister's newborn. maira zahra. maybe after the long holiday, i get to hold her more... and play with her... changed her diaper - which i have been avoiding... hahaha :P... itu yang start rindu tuh...


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