Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We are family

Hehehe :) gosh i am so exhausted today. But right now we are having a birthday celebration dinner at kenny rogers. :) i just finished my quarter chicken and now waiting for space for dessert.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

24 hours a day no longer enuf

busy bee.... me... yes.. ;) i like it but it is making me nervous. anyway, abt that car that i posted, i was upset with the driver coz he/she drove like a drunk snake on the road. that car actually squeezed me to the left... goshh...

anyway, today has been a very fast day... met 2 suppliers. looking for a tshirt supplier. urgent. hopefully i can finalized by today. my troop will be having a road tour next week, and it would be nice if the tshirt is ready by then. stretching my hands everywhere now...

have not been uploading pic of raya. nothing much. :) all the same. although this is the 1st year that i have a husband 'again' :P.... the diff is, he is not into the culture. so, agak liat lah...orang german, biasa lah degil... hahha LOL... gggrr... anyway, thats beside the point. we had fun anyway.. ;)
now, i am still at the office... wanna see them assembling my new workspace? :) should be ready soon. and this time, i am making a new style for my workstation... yeahhh right... kita tengok jer nanti ok.. :) my place is going to be the end... i have been hear since we moved. so it is about time i get a new 'house' ahaksss... :D i am so excited.

what else?? ohhh... right now i am missing maira... the new edition to the family. my eldest sister's newborn. maira zahra. maybe after the long holiday, i get to hold her more... and play with her... changed her diaper - which i have been avoiding... hahaha :P... itu yang start rindu tuh...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

it's different this year

talking about hari raya this time. it is a bit diffferent - situation, feelings, and a few others. i have a few pictures still in the camera. so not me, being not updated on photos. but...*sigh* why ahh?? maybe due to work... my mind is more at work than updating the photos - blog. noticed my, i call it 'all over the place' postings? :) that is because i so wanna update but not in the mood :P and repeating... darn...

oh.. my car was crashed by my dad's car a day before raya. well to be honest, i was more concerned about my dad than my car. i sort of gave up on my car's condition. simply because, whatever scars that i have on my car, was not from my own doing. so i kinda gave up. the bruise on the bumper - i left it for over a year. and now the back door crashed. oh well... latest update, my dad repaired my car 2 days ago :) had it repainted and knocked at the workshop. the result, okay lah.. :)

photoshoot - did i mentioned that i was not in the mood this year? maybe because this time there are 4 of us... hahaha LOL... it was much easier to control for the past few years... joelis and i had fun... but with an additional - err... lots of mood swing going round :P ahakss... but... since lisa asked, we did it anyway. kaiser was embarrased at first but ahhh what the heck... he must join in the fun! and the result was simply fantastic! ;)

hari raya travelling. it was okay laa... just that the timing was a bit out this year. and i missed going to nenek ngah's house.. :( joelis went. i missed it coz we have already set a meeting on wednesday. i joined after lunch to a few aunts' house.

errhhmm.... can i update more later later? just feel like doing nothing right now... will upload more pics some other day.. boy... internet is darn slow today... and phone lines are crazy too >:(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ketupat time

My mom, lisa and eldest sister. The rest saja look like busy. :-p me? I cant do it. Tried many times tak pernah jadi.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My leisure time

The moment that i have been waiting for. :) did my mani pedi, relaxation shoulder massage, foot scrub. Ahh heaven. I fell asleep during the short massage. :) hmmm that uncle is good. Recommended at A Cut Above at Mid Valley. My fav place for mani pedi.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

here and there

let me try to sort these things out. one by one if i may. hari raya * learning the quran * joelis * kaiser * work * business * house * life * government * malaysia * people in general * dream .... just dont kill my dream..

i dont know how to get it out of my system. what you are going to read is going to be jumbled up. maybe because that is how my brain is right now - jumbled up. need to untangled it. is thr such word?

i have been reading blogs of translations of the quran and i like what it says. if only i can pass it on to people who thinks badly about islam. how i wish.

i may not agree with some of the government's action but i am no rebel. i dont believe in riot as it will only break people apart. if tunku abdul rahman can do it without war and fight, why cant we, the new generation do it the same way. we are the educated people, we dont use harsh words. facts are more powerful than emotions, no?

i love my joelis so very much that it hurts me so badly when i see any of them get hurt or sad. Ya Allah, please help me protect my joelis.
if only i have the option to be home and be with my joelis - educate them myself, bring them whenever they wanna go - cook for them.. i would. i guess not all have the chance to do that. and that does not make me a bad mom. yes, i chase for wealthy but that does not mean that i am neglecting my joelis. people bring up their kids differently, and i believe rezeki everyone, Allah tentukan. currently i dont have the luxury to be a full time mom, yet. and yes, i am the mom who needed my kids to go fo tuition and kelas mengaji quran. i had a driver to send my joelis to school and i have a part time maid to clean up the house and a full time maid shared with my mom to take care of my kids food and to be with them. those are the options that i have right now. am i happy with that option? sometimes yes and sometimes not. i grew up with a maid... so, i am used to that. :) :P but that does not make me love my parents less. and as it is now, i am grateful with how my joelis are growing up. they have achieved awards in school. am i proud of them? alhamdulillah... i am and i bet their daddy too :) i have done a great job despite being (was) a single parent with the help of my younger sister and parents of course. and yes, i have a great family altogether. and i am grateful that my joelis are obedient kids, mature and intelligent :) although joey is manja :* hehehe :D sorry joey... but you are :P

house - currently we are renting but i feel like having a make over. since all my original furnitures are at the guesthouse, this cute apartment of ours is so like rumah bujang.. :( help... so, am in no mood to receive guests. hari raya? it's gonna be at my parents.. so friends, if you are reading this and wanna come for hari raya... come to my parents house ok :) 1st raya from 10am to 1pm.. :) call me, let me know. we will be there, after that will be going around and to MIL [angkat] place in bandar utama.

phew... i do feel much better now :) not fully... but yeahh better... :) joey is asleep right now in his room and lisa is busy writing her raya cards that i printed out last night. time to pen off.. and rest :) watch a video maybe? ;)

kaiser? still busy working at his corner :)

me thinking aloud again - i need to get rid of my 'mom's jeans'...

The suasana..

After terawikh at my parents place. That's my big bil chatting with the ustaz. Kids watching movie from collman's laptop. My eldest sister Dah terbaring. And myself and my dad are having Kopi kampong. :)


i guess this pic explains how i feel right now... how aahh? too much things to think now.. aarrgghh..

Monday, September 14, 2009

raya mood is here...

hari raya is next week... the mood is already here. physically at the office but mind is at home. errmmm am i not always like that? >:) heh heh heh... i guess people are never satisfied wherever or whatever. cant imagine myself at home - doing my own biz and who knows, i might say, i wish i am at work - an office... duhhh... biar betul.

ouch... my back hurts.. and ohh... this lousy drama on the radio is so silly lah. felt stupid listening to it.

i am blabbering i know.. i just wanna do something but i dont know what. i just need to write/type or whatever... last night i went out for dinner with kaiser after sending joelis at my parents. and there is this one cute kitten - looked like joey's virtual pet - kuakera.. :) and we took a lot of pictures.. errmm i forgot to bring the cable with me. so, cant upload the pics lah... later2 ok :)

Salam Aidil Fitri!

Selamat Hari Raya to all 'Ngobrolwae' readers.
Siapa yang balik kampung tu, bawa kereta elok2... dan berhati2...
ingat2 lah orang yang tersayang.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Help me!

Look at these 3 addicts. 2 stuck with playing cards and joey is hogging the sofa, tv and asus at the same time! And me? Hmmm actually thinking of what to buy later ;) ahah!

Sunday activity

On the way to music class and joey is singing the song that he composed. Hehehe :) and lisa said the melody is annoying :-p

Semi D

Another beautiful house that we saw. Newly refurbished. RM1.55M hmmm we've been coming here a few times. We went in. Space is just nice for us and a maid. Oh well if it's this house then we are gonna need a full time maid then. :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

feeling bored

saturday night. no nice movie on tv. joelis are not with me. you see, when you are so used to have kids around you - sometimes people think it would be nice to be alone with just your spouse.. hmmm think again... how come that is not what i am feeling now. kaiser would look at me, and i look at him and we laughed.. here we are at the couch (just now :P ) watching XXX.... that we have watched before. if joelis are around, they would play the cards.. joelis would sometimes just fight with each other, i would probably watch tv - write my blog - or clean the kitchen.. as long as all of us are together.. :)

hmmmmm.... it's more fun with all of us together :*

another shot

thats joey with his championship crown. and thats a pic of us right after break-fast. we are waiting for lisa and andy to finish playing their last game before i send them to my parents' house for prayer. :)

On the way to kg

Ladang kelapa sawit yang Baru nak tanam. :) now driving towards tg karang.

The slow lorry in front of us.

The above postings were done from the car as my sister and i were on our way to tanjung karang to get baju raya from the tailor. i dont really feel so well today... and feeling bored too. so, i decided to snap pics on the way :) not that nice laa... and i just wanna show joelis what i saw on the way :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sahur at Ali Bistro

We have been wanting to do this. Hehehe :-d having our sahur at the mamak's. I am just out of idea what to prepare so .. Here we are.

When we walked to the car after sahur, Joey said that it was his teacher who ate in front of our table. when i asked him why didn't he said 'hi' or tell me earlier.. Joey said, "Maa.. I am in my pyjamas!" ..."Ha... I told you to change, you didn't want to.. hahaha "

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

what a fast day!

i felt like a robot who's battery is almost flat. using my reserve energy right now. here's what happened. oh, before that, i just finished reading joey's new blog. hehe :D his version of one of our activity today :) he created a new blog because he forgot his password.

my day started as early as 430am today.. in fact today i sort of over slept till 508am! quickly got out of bed, went to the kitchen, boil some water - heat up the soup. made milo for joelis and wake them both. after sahur, i was browsing the internet for nice poses for photo shoot. yeahh.. i planned a photo shoot today since last week. i have a busy guy at home - so, gotta book his schedule a week earlier.

by 705am, left home to send lisa to school. left joey at home with kaiser for a while. took brooches at my mom's. went home again. wake joey up. went to zoo negara for a meeting regarding the office event. was there till around almost 930am actually!

drove to guesthouse to pay up some fees. went to jpn melawati to pick up lisa's IC. yeaup... she got her own IC already :) then proceed to the florist for 2 hand bouquets for the photo shoot. you guys must be wondering why the flowers... well.. that was supposed to be our post wedding photo shoot together with hari raya :)

1030am, joey checked with his daddy if he picks up lisa from school - but there seems to be a mis-comm... so, i drove to school. picked up lisa.. send to my mom's place as joelis' daddy will come and pick them up.

1100am already in jusco - planned for pedi mani... manicurist not around.. a signal that i should just cut my fingernails myself :P did something to repair the bouquet.

1130am at the hair saloon to do my hair and make-up.. somehow i know kaiser doesnt like me with heavy make up.. i told the make up artist that i wanted a simple make up - tanned look. just look at the photos later... :)

130pm joelis were sent to the saloon. lisa washed and blow her hair. we got home around 200pm. photographer waited at the petrol station as promised.

reached mont kiara at 3pm... started the photo shoot till 500pm. *phew*.... ohhh.. day is not over yet. was supposed to go to muzium islam for the office's break-fast function but the traffic was bad. by the time i sent joelis home - it'll be too late. so decided not to go.

rest a bit at home, went to my parents' house by 700pm. break-fast... solat... dinner.. solat isya' and terawikh.. and now.. 1109pm i am home :) joelis are asleep...

me signing off soon!

thank you CB for letting us to take the shots at your place ;)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

when bbgs girls gathered.. will always be a blast!!! who would guess that friendship would last this long...? :) and thank you to all my wonderful beautiful girlfriends... :* this function was on 30th august 2009 at CM's house at Valencia. great food... excellent company.. marvelous setting, kids had loads of fun!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

learn something new every day

common words: :) after breaking our fast at my parents house one day, joey came up to CMann, and they were playing this funny game. and one of the words that came up was 'thamby'. and i asked joey if he knows what that word means. and he said, 'thamby' is 'thamby' it meant 'thamby' and we asked CMann what it meant since CMann is an indian :) and so, we learnt something new that day..

thamby = younger brother
macha = younger brother in law
maple = older brother in law
ane = hmmm alamak i dont remember.. gotta ask CMann later

blogging thru handphone: if you noticed, certain postings that i put up here was just picture and short notes. those were the postings that i did thru my handphone. heheeh :D best ekkk...

we had our break fast at hartamas square last night (continuation from the posting below). it was quite difficult to decide where to go last minute after the original plan was cancelled. perhaps if it was just the 3 of us, i would have just gone to my parents'. but since it was the weekend, we wanna spend time just the 4 of us (although i cant stop wondering what would be the food on my parents' dining table.. hehehe :D ) anyway, we had a good makan session - joelis has their pasta. kaiser and i had the fried kuey tiow. . and later after that we proceed to ampang park where i got my baju kebaya for raya.. yey..!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Break fast at hartamas square

Today its at hartamas square. Thats a picture of joelis trying to kill time before maghrib. :) we were supposed to have our break-fast at pantai hillpark but last minute it was cancelled. Now we have 15 mins more to wait. Nyum Nyum

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things money cannot buy

my eldest sister is in jakarta and i got a phone call from my mom saying there was a riot there.. and my sister was flying back asap... only last night i saw on the news a few indonesians burning malaysia flag at malaysia embassy. was not really sure what causes it. anyhow, i dont think that is a smart way of expressing disappointment. sad... yes... but does it affect me on other ways..? i not being patriotic? i just told kaiser about the incident and kaiser was not into all these... hmmm... i do feel sad that those happened over there..

anyway.... here is something that i'd like to share with you :)

Note to self (supaya jangan lupa diri), and for those who has lost their values due to their obsession with wealth.

There is no happiness in the material world.

While it is true that money is essential in our everyday day to day living, it cannot buy all things that we need and want.

Money can buy House BUT NOT HOME. We are told when we are young that there is a huge difference between a house and a home. While there may be no difference structurally and physically, the difference comes when you take a look at who lives in it. A home is special than a house because a home is where love and harmony resides. In other words, if you live in a house where love and harmony resides, then that can be considered as a home. Remember, we are used to say “home sweet home” and we are not saying “house sweet house”. That would be awkward.
Money can buy Clock BUT NOT TIME. Money can definitely buy a clock. A clock is simply a material that money can buy. However, money cannot buy time. A lost time cannot be brought back while a lost clock can simply be replaced by buying another one. So we must assure that we maximize our time. Spend it to the things that we enjoy and to the things that we love.
Money can buy Bed BUT NOT SLEEP. Again, money can buy a bed because it simply is a material thing. However, money cannot buy sleep. We are referring here about the things that worry you. These are the things that pops out enabling you to have a hard time sleeping. Your conscience is simply the best thing that can help you and money cannot buy conscience. We must therefore free ourselves from guilt by not hurting others and doing good.
Money can buy Book BUT NOT KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is considered as one of the most important treasures that we can possess. In fact, I think it is the only treasure that cannot be robbed or stolen from us. Surely, money can buy hundreds and even thousands of books out there but you cannot gain knowledge if you don’t read them. Even if you have millions, it cannot simply put those knowledge in your mind. We must therefore feed our mind with fresh ideas. Ideas nowadays can really make you rich.
Money can buy Position BUT NOT RESPECT. Yes, that’s how powerful money is. It can buy a position! We can see this example on connections. A person can easily bribe a high ranking official for him to enter into his desired position. He can probably buy that position but not respect. If he does not possess the qualities to be in that position, definitely, he cannot earn respect even if he has a lot of money!
Money can buy Sex BUT NOT LOVE. We all know that money can easily buy sex. We can see this fact to various prostitution acts that operate underground in various countries due to lack of employment opportunities. Those prostitutes sell their bodies just to have some money for their needs and wants. While it is true that money can indeed buy sex, it cannot buy love.
Money can buy Luxuries BUT NOT HAPPINESS. No questions asked, money can buy luxuries. You can use money to buy luxurious things such as nice grandeur house, hottest cars and gadgets, and every luxurious living that you dream in your life. But money cannot buy happiness. We can see this fact to some rich persons. Even if they do have almost anything that the world offers materially, still they are not happy. There is still lacking in their lives that will make them happy.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


no other way to express how i feel today and what i had to go through...

in short....
i am so glad that today is over,
and tomorrow is a new fresh day for me to look forward too...

kaiser, i love you too :P

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i totally disagree

i know i should be doing my work that has been piling up. just a few minutes to write how i feel right now... pleeesss.... :P

i am getting tired of receiving such emails about certain things. and the latest one that i received was about the 'poco2 dance'. puhleezzz lah... be more open about this. well, i am taking the risk writing this and get whatever kind of feedback. i have the rights to my own opinion. some people out there are just so free to find such details of things and at the end it just separate from one human being to another. what is so wrong about the poco2... dancing like the cross lah... because the christians have been doing it lah.. come on... the most important thing is, your niat and Allah swt knows what it is. Imagine those makcik2 out there - this is one of the exercise that they enjoy doing - it releases their stress at work/home, they sweat and it made them healthy and happy. so... is that so wrong??? i know someone who looked forward for this dance gathering every time... and it makes her happy... and cheerful. she is not privileged to attend any dancercise that needed monthly payment. aarrgghh... this is so sick... Islam does not teach us to isolate ourselves from other people. Islam teaches us to be nice to everyone... it is just a form of repetitions of movements... where else to pusing2 la??? gosh!!

and another one about these not clever boycotts... all they think about is to do things right in front of their eyes. they heard something.. and ohh... we should boycott certain product coz they are supporting the jews... duuhh... why fight against religions? it is the people... not the religion! have they done enough thinking that when they start to boycott, lots of people will lose their source of income? (if the co. fails) and do they realize that there are people ... doesnt matter what religion they believe in working in that co. too? and these people are supporting their family... and by boycotting that product - they cant support their family anymore when they are out of job! so, you out there who is doing this.. you wanna be responsible?? think with your head lah!

goshh... these really pissed me off lah... so damn narrow minded!