Thursday, August 6, 2009

you and me.. we are different people

obviously laaa... you know what i like to do? read blogs.. and also facebooking :P the latest addiction in the world. and of course my xango biz. yeupp.. am maintaining right now and enjoy doing it. i said to my sister that i like reading this one blog, but then my sister said, nothing special about that blog - just a normal boring family thingy. and i think of my blog. why do people come back? does my stories attract them to return? my guess is most of those who returned are the people who know me. they just wanna know update.

i think i have been updating some same stories. no? hehehe :D i really like to say that, dont i? :P anyway, 5 minutes ago, i just shoo-ed joelis away from my workspace. both of them were arguing about lisa who cheated just to get the bolster for tonight and joey as usual being whiny about it. and i just told lisa that cheating is definitely not the right way to get what you want in life. neither does taking other people's husbands/boyfriends/wives/girlfriends.

alamak... my husband is back... gotta sign off now la... :P hehehe :D he needs the attention now