Wednesday, August 5, 2009

when gals party...

good enough that i did not buy a new dress. i arranged 6 of my dresses on the bed and get lisa to help me choose. but as usual, i will end up wearing the one that i feel comfy wearing :D bengang jer lisa... hehehe :D i was thinking more of the place after the event.. than the cocktail dinner itself.... and i am not wearing black... brown for a change :)

did i enjoy myself? well, to be honest - it was more about school spirit. the event was okay. i enjoyed being with the crowd more.. having my batch gals... listening to the speeches.. looking at the slides show.. fuhh meremang bulu roma gak. i bought 1 polo tshirt and a keychain. buat syarat. almost became an impulsive buyer... luckily iman still strong.. heh heh :P we wanted to go elsewhere after that since some were gatal kaki already, me included but unfortunately the band did not play last night. so, we just stayed on at la bodega till around 1130pm before we headed home... its working day la tomorrow.. :P huh?? photos? i am using kaiser's laptop now.. so uploading photos willbe trow ok :) or, you can always view more of them in my facebook.