Sunday, August 16, 2009

VERY productive sunday

it didnt start quite well as i had this aarrgghh moment with my sister. and in the morning, went to a few hair saloon but they were not opened. ya ya..i was supposed to dry my hair coz we wanna go and man the booth this afternoon. but aahh... decided just to tie up my hair. reached amcorp mall just before 12 noon. checked out our booth. francesca peters was there already. so eager manning our booth. she sold a few collective items and her sister made beautiful necklace and earrings of which i got 2 sets... hahaha :D hey it was for charity.. so ok lah. joelis had fun running up and down watching the celebrities. there were auctions, and singing and dancing... the best performance was by roslan shah :) we really had fun watching him. it was so lively! i took a photo with dayang nurfaizah and francesca, of course :) joelis with aizat... and a few more.. :)

we were there until about 4.30pm. then we headed to c4 for the body building competition. by the time we got there, there was something else on stage. the competition hasnt started yet. so joelis and i decided to go home first to take a shower.. and went again after maghrib.

it was packed!! the guys body was uummphhh... i have never seen lots of people having that kind of body! and when i saw them, i did not think that kaiser is that big anymore.. :D heh heh... :D kaiser is 20 kg less than before.. hmm i cant imagine him as big as those guys. joey had a 1st class place sitting on kaiser's shoulder for about 10 minutes... pity lisa jumping up and down trying to get a good spot. but later on joelis slipped into a space where they were right in front of the stage.. and hehehe :D lisa said the guys looked gross... hehehe in their underpants! hahhaha LOL...

we went off by 845pm... went to zahid's cafe for dinner.. and headed home just before 10pm... it was a great productive day today! and new experience too watching the body building comp.

ein is sleepy now... signing off at 11.18pm