Wednesday, August 5, 2009

there was no sign :(

my mind is still on yasmin ahmad. lots of different stories heard about her. i dont care. i like her. and i really enjoy her creative works. the day that she died, i was thinking on the way home from work. can anybody ever be ready to die? i know i am not. :( and immediately i think of my joelis. i want to make sure that they'll have what they are supposed to have. and i dont want them to be burden from my debts... *sigh* at that point of time, i called up my uncle who works in the bank and asked about my car loan - just to make sure that if i die, they wont be burden of the loan. and my assets are for my joelis. and my mom will take care of joelis.

today, i visited yasmin's blog. and i read some of her comments just 2 days before she collapsed. i felt so saddened. she is a nice person. its like she doesnt hurt anyone... the way she speaks in her blog sounded so soft and ikhlas. yess... i am missing her already although i dont know her in person. apatah lagi those who have worked with her...*sigh*

ein's having chest pain right now.. :( felt like mcm kena hempap... why ah? berat jer... better sign off first lah.. although now too much things in my head to be cleared :) want too much to type but too tired lah. anyhow.. i had a very productive day at the office today!

mama, ayah.. i love you both very much.. eat right lahh... and be healthy okay :* and to my sisters.. i love you all too... joelis... mama loves you both very much. be good which i know you both are, and take good care of yourselves :)

kaiser... err... thank you for being there to hold me and share with me the loving feelings :) and thank you for being a father figure for joelis. and thank you for loving me... err.. do you? hehehe :D minchhh.... :P