Sunday, August 23, 2009

step by step

i might get distracted while writing my blog coz i am also watching MJ's history world tour - simply amazing!!! and i just love this guy. he is an awesome entertainer!!! wow... :O full of energy!

was at joelis' school last thursday for solat hajat and recite yassin for all std 6 students. it rained so heavily too. i had a really hectic and full week at work - this was the time that someone would feel they need more than 24 hours a day? :) i had 3 days course and on the last day was supposed to finish at 5pm so that i can reach home early but the class ended just before 530pm. rushed home, picked up lisa, went back to the apartment, showered and changed to our baju kurung before headed to school. a beautiful and calm view that i caught. you must be wondering how did i managed to capture photos while praying? :) lu pikir la sendiri... hehehe :D

this year - first time that i am preparing sahur for the family. and as a result - i was flat the whole day today. and now i just had my pain killer for my migraine and lotsa xango. lisa did her battle of the brain exam for 7 papers. took 1 whole day of her saturday. kesian dia... but hey... no pain no gain :) and joey chose to spend his day playing with his asus... and watching cartoon.

kaiser was out half of the day for training. it rained so heavily that even we cant go out of the house. around 130pm we went out to jusco to get a few stuff... lisa needed to buy her friend's bday present, and joey wanted to buy his gamecards. and myself? get some brown papers to wrap the boxes to be sent out to my distributor in indonesia.

by the time we got back, kaiser was already home. he helped me wrap the boxes. we both went to the post office and get our job done. and later i remembered that joelis' bicycles needed to be repaired. so... spent about an hour there - changed the err.. what do you call them? tyre? tube? hmm whatever lah.. :)

ein is getting very tired... joelis are asleep... time is 1239am.. better sleep lah.. gotta get up at 430am to prepare sahur ;) night2 everyone


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how did you know i was asleep at 1239 am? i was reading pendragon laaa :D


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