Friday, August 14, 2009

somebody call 911..

sorry people.. cant think of anything else for the title.. that song seems to get stuck in my head. :) been singing the song over and over again.

i am now on the sofa with joelis and kaiser watching jackie chan. and 3 of them will play the cards during break. they have been playing every night and have this title 'champion' placed on their chair if they wins.. hehehe :D and there's 1 night when kaiser was pleeding for me to extend joelis' sleeping time so that they can play another game coz kaiser lost! hahah... did i allow that? of course.... NOT :P lets see him suffer being a loser...wakakaka :D LOL

after all that blah blueck feeling or what so ever... it was a good week anyway. :) and tonight some of my girlfriends are out for karaoke... i just dont feel like it... just wanna be home with the family :) i am not in the mood to write lah...

i had 3 meetings straight today... and after the 3rd meeting, drove in the heavy rain to pick up lisa from tuition... we had early dinner at cheng ho.. the place that i love to go when i am not in the mood to eat... why there? coz then, i will eat... heh heh :D food was delicious!!!

and this note is for my friend linda in munich: if you are reading this... hey... where have you been? i miss you lah... :) miss chit chatting with you...