Monday, August 10, 2009

resting at home

i am resting at home today. since last week, been feeling kinda weak. my younger sisters have been sarcastic about it.. ehek...ehekk.. then, kena daulat, padan muka.. tu lah, dosa dgn kakak nya.. hehehe :D
well anyway, had the diarrhea again last night, feeling so weak in the morning, felt quite whizzyy too. and in the morning lisa sent an sms sounded so urgent. went to joey's room. and he had this rash all over his body! kesian dia... looked like some kind of allergy.. or like insect bite.
we both went to the doctor today. one scratching non stop and me, feeling like zombie :P and we both got a day off to rest. we went back to my parents' place. lepak for a while, while mug dud put the lotion on joey's body - and taking advantage too... hehehe :D and me just lying on the floor watching tv. had lunch - joey whinning wanted to go home. so, after lunch we both went back to our place and i took a nap from 1230noon..gosshh... just cant open my eyes lah.

by 3.30pm made myself up.. called lisa at my parents' place and asked if she wants to do her IC... so, there we were, at JPN registering her IC.. happy la dia.. and now i am at home again... better start to do something before i fall asleep again.. uuissshh!!