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man kidal jadik monkey die?

by - August 07, 2009

when joey came back from school the other day. below was the conversation:

joey: ma, errmm.. this saturday ada orchestra practise tau.
me: hmmm... ada surat ke? i need to see the letter first.
joey: ada laa.. parents pun invited.
me: huh? why?
joey: iyer maa.. nenek dgn atuk pun boleh pergi... ada 'monkey die'
me: *me puzzled* huh???
joey: ye la ma... it's free.. boleh makan sekali
me: *more puzzled* what do you mean boleh makan sekali? makan apa?
joey: cikgu cakap, parents boleh makan breakfast lah. dgn tgk 'monkey die' main gitar.
me: *at this point of time - i was trying to figure out.. who the hell is 'monkey die'..* siapa main gitar joey?
joey: *with his selamba expression* entah la ma, teacher cakap dia rock star.
me: *finally i got it!* ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... man kidal la sayang!!!!
joey: oh... ye ke? errmm ok... so, are you coming?
me: yes... yes... okay i will go!

kesian man kidal jadik monkey die... hmmmm new generation tak kenal man kidal rupanya :D heh heh :D man kidal is one cool guy... :)

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