Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it has been a wonderful week...

and i am still looking forward for trow. err... dunno why i said that, but yeahh... those are the words that come out of my head :) how do i start now? ohh.. office work has been extremely busy.. and i am lovin it. i am feeling more like sotong right now. difference is, i dont have enough hands to do everything. the nice things are that, i have a wonderful husband who does laundry and who can take care of himself ie cook for himself when i am not home doing some chores. unlike some husbands who command the wives to prepare lots of things for the king. the right thing to say is... alhamdulillah. i also know that there are people out there who'd critizise my husband for not being whom they want him to be - but its okay... this is my bahagian from Him. Allah swt knows what i am capable of. ehmmmm... why am i getting so sensitive right now? snap out of it ein!! and thank you sayang... :P

and thank you lisa for being such a wonderful daughter who'd help me out in the kitchen too. alhamdulillah i have great children. :) all are big enough that they can take care of themselves and can help around the house. lisa can do her own laundry and she'd help me fold the clothes. ironing, we'll leave it to the maid :)

and now kaiser is complaining that i am disturbing him watching tv coz i am conquering the sofa - half of it... do i care? no!!! :P LOL.... ohh.. i am supposed to fold the clothes.. hmmm but i am in the mood to blog... how? :( oh no...kaiser is bugging me to see pictures of houses in tropicana.. yeah.. he's into houses now - after the house that we saw in shah alam few weeks back.

i better start folding the clothes.. i am getting so sleepy now.. and i have not done my homework either.. hmmm.. blog later ok.. :)

close my ears now... kaiser is nagging!! helpp... rescue me... :P