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'If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price'

by - August 26, 2009

~ author unknown

i should be doin my work right now but my head is really felt like being pressed. more of denyut2 ... :) so, now, taking a break - blogging. the aircond at the office is ridiculously cold. my nose is cold - watery... my fingers are freezing.. and i think that is why i am having a head ache. its too cold. crazy la dema...

let's talk about the above quote. i would interprete it as how people act. i also believe that a respectable person do not behave in such a way. i wish i can say it all here but the words keep on getting jumbled up. i supposed, easy way of saying it, respectable person would choose his words in any conversation. he would behave more errmm... sopan in public. a person's behaviour shows his personality and character. ermm why am i memutar kat situ all these words? or a respectable person dont use harsh words. and i guess how people acts or wear at any point of time counts too. if you portray a non respectful image, you are letting other people to degrade you.

why am i babbling? coz there are ^%$#@$# out there. :)

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