Monday, August 31, 2009

had a great weekend.. again :)

i was so looking forward for the weekend. my heart is just not at the office for the past few days. i just wanted to be home.. where it is warm with joelis around and warm as in really warm.. no freezing air cond! although i have learned to carry my own weather, i am only human. and by being normal human being, you just cant stop witnessing b&%$#@s in this planet because they do exist. i feel sorry for these desperate people, who are always hunger for attention and victims. and by behaving so, they forgot their ethic as a person, nauzubillah. all i need to do for action plan is watch over, and pray that me and my family will always be protected by Him.
lets drop that topic coz i am done thinking and feeling about that :) i love you kaiser and thank you for being a wonderful man :*

: we had a wonderful buka puasa at SJ's house. been missing her when she went away for a few months for her holiday. she got back just before the fasting month begins. and that weekend i was supposed to prepare buka puasa for my parents' house coz that was in my task list. so.. how did i handled that? *wink* easy peasy... called up my mom.. asked what was her plan. she said her brothers and family will be joining for break fast. next, i offered to bring her to the market and sponsored for buka :) later before we went to SJ's house, i went there with joelis to help prepare the soto. :) i brought some soto to SJ's house. joelis had their special table at the balcony... :) first they had soto, then, they had rice and some curry that SJ cooked. it was delicious... and oowhh... the pecal...wallauwehhh..
we left SJ's house just after 9pm so that kaiser will have enough time to finish his movie. but.. by the time we got home, the movie ended :D hehehe :D and by 1030pm joelis and i were already in bed... and know what... i didnt even realized when kaiser entered our room :P pengsan!

i think i should pen off now... coz it is already 636pm...gotta shower and get ready for break fast. :) we are having murtabak and curry puff today... and later kerabu perut and ayam masak kicap.. :P ihikss...