Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fasting already

yes laa... 1st day at work - and fasting. gotta admit that production level at work will reduce.. however - i will not let that happen as i have lots of stuff going on after raya.. preparation and planning starts now! been discussing and delegating work with some of my staffs at the office.

anyway, visited my colleague at ampang putri yesterday. she had been on mc for 2 weeks. i didnt know what was wrong until yesterday (why she was on mc) i did smsed her but no reply, so, understand that she needed the time to be not disturbed. when we were at the hospital yesterday, she looked weak. and pale. :( she has been vomitting at home. we really hope she'll get better. she has been diagnosed with cancer :(

next was coming home from work... 430 pm sharp i left the office. cant take it anymore - so exhausted. brought the laptop home with the hope to get some work done at home. but na'a... not happening! :D hhehee... reached home around 515pm... slept at the sofa. was hoping kaiser would be home - but i guess if he was home, he wont be on time for his 6pm training. so, there i was - feeling so weak on the sofa.. later got a call from lisa... i forced myself up - showered - went to pasar ramadhan to get a few stuff that joelis ordered. went to my parents' place for break fast.

stayed for terawikh... and got home by 945pm. cleaned up my kitchen, fold some clothes. and tried to watch tv... joelis and kaiser, as usual playing ginrami... every day okay! they will fight for their title.. and for those who became the champion will sleep smiling... :P duuh...

kaiser and i played a few rounds too before we went to bed.. hehehe :D and i was the champion...wuuhuuu!!