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the dinner place hunt

by - August 15, 2009

we had this funny experience tonight. kaiser said that he was hungry, since 630pm.. but i wanted to wait till after maghrib. so, i continued doing my work, till around 715pm.. then i showered and recite the yassin while waiting for azan.

after prayers, all of us went out - after i got this idea to have dinner at mak tim (beriyani gam) at the AU3 roundabout. i WILL NOT recommend to go there. i was pretty sure that the place looked nice few days ago from far. what happened was, we reached the place. surrounding was not clean. it looked really messy, and not well taken care of. we were seated there for a while with no one even come to us and ask if we wanna order. hmmmm.. i called this 1 girl and asked her if we have to order at the stalls or she's gonna take our order. and she started to grab the menu... just when joey wanted to order his kuey tiow, they dont have it... and the choices of food is so limited. we decided to leave.

we had to think fast... joey thought of a place, but then we found out that it was in times square... err hello... we are not gonna drive that far. i thought of the famous nan corner.. that was where we were headed.. we reached the place. and as usual, parking is quite a challenge. then kaiser found a nice spot somewhere beside the shoplots.

we walked to nan corner - feeling so happy.. and just before we wanted to decide which stall to eat... poopsss! the light went off!! can you believe that??!! hehehe :D just our luck.... but we were lucky enough that we have not ordered our food.. and as we walked back to our car.. the whole stretch of shoplots went blackout!

and this time, i took over the wheels. drove to the food court beside the petronas/mc donalds. seated at the seafood restaurant - and the only seafood was fish :P joelis ended up with ommelette and fried chicken, me with fried tounge and kaiser with his nasi goreng biasa...

hmmmm what an adventure to eat tonight... :) and right now, i am watching my dearest joelis and kaiser at the sofa, watching night at the museum 2... another nice night with the family.. and am lovin it... :)

ohhh... we had fun on the way home with joelis, kaiser and myself singing the lion king song... joey sang it in english, lisa tried in bahasa and kasier in german... hehehe :D :*

love you guys...

somehow, i miss my parents now... :(

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