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had a great weekend.. again :)

i was so looking forward for the weekend. my heart is just not at the office for the past few days. i just wanted to be home.. where it is warm with joelis around and warm as in really warm.. no freezing air cond! although i have learned to carry my own weather, i am only human. and by being normal human being, you just cant stop witnessing b&%$#@s in this planet because they do exist. i feel sorry for these desperate people, who are always hunger for attention and victims. and by behaving so, they forgot their ethic as a person, nauzubillah. all i need to do for action plan is watch over, and pray that me and my family will always be protected by Him.
lets drop that topic coz i am done thinking and feeling about that :) i love you kaiser and thank you for being a wonderful man :*

saturday: we had a wonderful buka puasa at SJ's house. been missing her when she went away for a few months for her holiday. she got back just before the fasting month begins. and that weekend i was su…

Al-Quran as hantaran...

i got this awhile ago and i wanna share this with you...

“Sayang, tengok nih. Cantiknya AlQuran nih. Warna keemasan. Sesuai untuk kita buat hantaran” pekik Jamilah kepada Nabil..

“Sini pun cantik juga. Warna unggu keemasan. Mana satu kita nak beli nih” balas Nabil.

Mereka sedang asyik mencari bahan-bahan untuk dibuat hantaran. Tinggal satu lagi yang masih dicari-cari iaitu AlQuran yang bakal dijadikan hantaran.

“Tapi, yang ni lagi best, ada terjemahan arab” keluh Jamilah.

“Ala, awak bukan reti pun bahasa arab” jawab Nabil. Tergelak Jamilah. Berbahagia rasanya dapat calon suami seperti Nabil. Prihatin.

“Apa yang saudara cari tu. Nampak seronok saya lihat” tegur pakcik berbaju putih. Jaluran baju ke bawah menampakkan lagi seri wajah seorang pakcik dalam lingkungan 40-an.

“Oh, kami cari AlQuran. Nak buat hantaran. Maklumlah, nak bina masjid” sengih Nabil. Jamilah ikut senyum tidak jauh dari situ..

“Oh. Bagus lah. Adik selalu baca waktu bila?” pakcik menyoal sambil tersenyum.

“Aa.. aa.. lama dah s…

sexy or s&^%%y?

i saw a few photos today that made me felt disgusted looking at them. i was just wondering whether it is me, my age, culture or the way i was brought up? sexiness can be shown through different approach i supposed and not the s%$^ness way. well again, this is just my own personal opinion.. others might feel differently of course, especially men. they love to watch but.. ahhh.. better keep my opinion to myself. it might upset some people. :)

Scene before we break fast

Kids and my parents will recite the quran. A very calming moment for me to see :)

not nice

today is the longest day in my life... *drama* i have been looking at the clock since morning. really dont feel like working in this environment. why??? it is too cold!!!!!! my brain just froze!! err.. is there such word eh? i wanna go home!!
i wanna go home!!
i miss my joelis!!
i wanna go home!!
1 hour more to go.... and it is so longgggggggggggggggggggggg....

God help me!

ya Allah... please help me to be stronger. the challenges are so great. just when i am feeling calmness the wave came right back in. perhaps i have not been a good person. perhaps i needed to be reminded. but ya Allah, please lighten these challenges :(too much things to be done. too many things happening around. can i handle these? i need to be more proactive. i started reading again last night. the book that i have left for a few months due to tight schedule or being plain lazy. i could not sleep last night, tried to watch tv but nothing interest me although csi was on! can you imagine that??! i was just not in the mood to watch csi! this is so not good.
and i thought of the book. i went up to the book shelf and got it. not that easy to get the pace back. but yeahh... i found the calmness that i needed. finished 2 chapters in fact. i started where i stopped before. and i shall start back at chapter 1 once i am done with the whole book.
i am charging myself to be more effective. remind…

ginrummy addicts

hehehe :P look at these guys... they play every night and try to keep their title as the champion. last night lisa slept as a champion.. and now they are playing again... :P and they are so noisy too while playing... blabla bla... well, actually it's good that they are playing.. i have the tv to myself... and tonight joey won!!! yey...

oh.. today i learned something new.. how i can post straight to my blog from my handphone.. cool lah! :D heppi nyaaa

'If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price'

~ author unknown

i should be doin my work right now but my head is really felt like being pressed. more of denyut2 ... :) so, now, taking a break - blogging. the aircond at the office is ridiculously cold. my nose is cold - watery... my fingers are freezing.. and i think that is why i am having a head ache. its too cold. crazy la dema...

let's talk about the above quote. i would interprete it as how people act. i also believe that a respectable person do not behave in such a way. i wish i can say it all here but the words keep on getting jumbled up. i supposed, easy way of saying it, respectable person would choose his words in any conversation. he would behave more errmm... sopan in public. a person's behaviour shows his personality and character. ermm why am i memutar kat situ all these words? or a respectable person dont use harsh words. and i guess how people acts or wear at any point of time counts too. if you portray a non respectful image, you are letting other people to …

fasting already

yes laa... 1st day at work - and fasting. gotta admit that production level at work will reduce.. however - i will not let that happen as i have lots of stuff going on after raya.. preparation and planning starts now! been discussing and delegating work with some of my staffs at the office.

anyway, visited my colleague at ampang putri yesterday. she had been on mc for 2 weeks. i didnt know what was wrong until yesterday (why she was on mc) i did smsed her but no reply, so, understand that she needed the time to be not disturbed. when we were at the hospital yesterday, she looked weak. and pale. :( she has been vomitting at home. we really hope she'll get better. she has been diagnosed with cancer :(

next was coming home from work... 430 pm sharp i left the office. cant take it anymore - so exhausted. brought the laptop home with the hope to get some work done at home. but na'a... not happening! :D hhehee... reached home around 515pm... slept at the sofa. was hoping kaiser would …

step by step

i might get distracted while writing my blog coz i am also watching MJ's history world tour - simply amazing!!! and i just love this guy. he is an awesome entertainer!!! wow... :O full of energy!

was at joelis' school last thursday for solat hajat and recite yassin for all std 6 students. it rained so heavily too. i had a really hectic and full week at work - this was the time that someone would feel they need more than 24 hours a day? :) i had 3 days course and on the last day was supposed to finish at 5pm so that i can reach home early but the class ended just before 530pm. rushed home, picked up lisa, went back to the apartment, showered and changed to our baju kurung before headed to school. a beautiful and calm view that i caught. you must be wondering how did i managed to capture photos while praying? :) lu pikir la sendiri... hehehe :D

this year - first time that i am preparing sahur for the family. and as a result - i was flat the whole day today. and now i just had my p…

it has been a wonderful week...

and i am still looking forward for trow. err... dunno why i said that, but yeahh... those are the words that come out of my head :) how do i start now? ohh.. office work has been extremely busy.. and i am lovin it. i am feeling more like sotong right now. difference is, i dont have enough hands to do everything. the nice things are that, i have a wonderful husband who does laundry and who can take care of himself ie cook for himself when i am not home doing some chores. unlike some husbands who command the wives to prepare lots of things for the king. the right thing to say is... alhamdulillah. i also know that there are people out there who'd critizise my husband for not being whom they want him to be - but its okay... this is my bahagian from Him. Allah swt knows what i am capable of. ehmmmm... why am i getting so sensitive right now? snap out of it ein!! and thank you sayang... :P

and thank you lisa for being such a wonderful daughter who'd help me out in the kitchen too. a…

VERY productive sunday

it didnt start quite well as i had this aarrgghh moment with my sister. and in the morning, went to a few hair saloon but they were not opened. ya ya..i was supposed to dry my hair coz we wanna go and man the booth this afternoon. but aahh... decided just to tie up my hair. reached amcorp mall just before 12 noon. checked out our booth. francesca peters was there already. so eager manning our booth. she sold a few collective items and her sister made beautiful necklace and earrings of which i got 2 sets... hahaha :D hey it was for charity.. so ok lah. joelis had fun running up and down watching the celebrities. there were auctions, and singing and dancing... the best performance was by roslan shah :) we really had fun watching him. it was so lively! i took a photo with dayang nurfaizah and francesca, of course :) joelis with aizat... and a few more.. :)

we were there until about 4.30pm. then we headed to c4 for the body building competition. by the time we got there, there was somethin…

the dinner place hunt

we had this funny experience tonight. kaiser said that he was hungry, since 630pm.. but i wanted to wait till after maghrib. so, i continued doing my work, till around 715pm.. then i showered and recite the yassin while waiting for azan.

after prayers, all of us went out - after i got this idea to have dinner at mak tim (beriyani gam) at the AU3 roundabout. i WILL NOT recommend to go there. i was pretty sure that the place looked nice few days ago from far. what happened was, we reached the place. surrounding was not clean. it looked really messy, and not well taken care of. we were seated there for a while with no one even come to us and ask if we wanna order. hmmmm.. i called this 1 girl and asked her if we have to order at the stalls or she's gonna take our order. and she started to grab the menu... just when joey wanted to order his kuey tiow, they dont have it... and the choices of food is so limited. we decided to leave.

we had to think fast... joey thought of a place, but the…

somebody call 911..

sorry people.. cant think of anything else for the title.. that song seems to get stuck in my head. :) been singing the song over and over again.

i am now on the sofa with joelis and kaiser watching jackie chan. and 3 of them will play the cards during break. they have been playing every night and have this title 'champion' placed on their chair if they wins.. hehehe :D and there's 1 night when kaiser was pleeding for me to extend joelis' sleeping time so that they can play another game coz kaiser lost! hahah... did i allow that? of course.... NOT :P lets see him suffer being a loser...wakakaka :D LOL

after all that blah blueck feeling or what so ever... it was a good week anyway. :) and tonight some of my girlfriends are out for karaoke... i just dont feel like it... just wanna be home with the family :) i am not in the mood to write lah...

i had 3 meetings straight today... and after the 3rd meeting, drove in the heavy rain to pick up lisa from tuition... we had early d…

what the hell is wrong with me?

i am getting so emo this week. watching desperate housewife pissed me off just now. and now lipstick jungle is the next victim. i just get so upset when it comes to infidelity. why must nicky get back and see that cameraman when she's okay with her husband now?? damn it... what can't people appreciate and grateful with what God has granted them? and watching lipstick jungle scares me too when wendy's daughter became so rude with her mother. it is sad to see that. nobody says that it's easy to be a teenager, but when a daughter starts to question you doing your job as a mom - it hurts, it hurts so badly that you'd start to think. is this what you get by loving your kid with all your heart, doing everything that you can just for them and protect them? *sigh* goshh... see... i am feeling all that. yeahh ... because i am a mother.

and i am sorry - i am guilty for judging someone. i am so sorry. but my sensor just sense something is just not right somewhere. but i don…

dont feel good lah

i am floating. yes that is how i feel. few days back, kaiser and joelis said that i was sick. i just told them, 'no i am not sick, i just felt i am floating' and kaiser teased me. well, that is how i feel. how else do i describe it? and now, i am done folding the clothes, 2 loads of clothes. joelis are asleep. i just went into joey's room and see him sleep. :) he is so in peace sleeping... he deserved it after a bad night last night scratching all over his body :(

but now i am feeling bored. watched ncis.. still bored... now i dont know what to do... how laa..... i am so bored tahap gaban ni! and my tummy doesnt feel comfortable :(

resting at home

i am resting at home today. since last week, been feeling kinda weak. my younger sisters have been sarcastic about it.. ehek...ehekk.. then, kena daulat, padan muka.. tu lah, dosa dgn kakak nya.. hehehe :D
well anyway, had the diarrhea again last night, feeling so weak in the morning, felt quite whizzyy too. and in the morning lisa sent an sms sounded so urgent. went to joey's room. and he had this rash all over his body! kesian dia... looked like some kind of allergy.. or like insect bite.
we both went to the doctor today. one scratching non stop and me, feeling like zombie :P and we both got a day off to rest. we went back to my parents' place. lepak for a while, while mug dud put the lotion on joey's body - and taking advantage too... hehehe :D and me just lying on the floor watching tv. had lunch - joey whinning wanted to go home. so, after lunch we both went back to our place and i took a nap from 1230noon..gosshh... just cant open my eyes lah.

by 3.30pm made myself up..…

another weekend gone so fast

its already saturday nite. time is running so fast. aahhh.. i wanna write my blog but so tired. must be the nite out last nite.. heh heh :D but anyway for the past 3 days, have been having slight fever at night. so last friday - yesterday i decided to see the doctor. had my blood taken for test - tyroid. so, just wait la for the result next week. and i am having the bruise after the jab.. :/

others: we attended my cousin's wedding just now in shah alam. i brought my camera.. but why didnt i snap pictures huh? blur betul... she looked beautiful in her white kebaya.. :) with really red pelamin...

proud of my girl!

congrats lisa.. she got 3rd in the public speaking competition 2009 Zon Keramat recently.. :)

man kidal jadik monkey die?

when joey came back from school the other day. below was the conversation:

joey: ma, errmm.. this saturday ada orchestra practise tau.
me: hmmm... ada surat ke? i need to see the letter first.
joey: ada laa.. parents pun invited.
me: huh? why?
joey: iyer maa.. nenek dgn atuk pun boleh pergi... ada 'monkey die'
me: *me puzzled* huh???
joey: ye la ma... it's free.. boleh makan sekali
me: *more puzzled* what do you mean boleh makan sekali? makan apa?
joey: cikgu cakap, parents boleh makan breakfast lah. dgn tgk 'monkey die' main gitar.
me: *at this point of time - i was trying to figure out.. who the hell is 'monkey die'..* siapa main gitar joey?
joey: *with his selamba expression* entah la ma, teacher cakap dia rock star.
me: *finally i got it!* ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... man kidal la sayang!!!!
joey: oh... ye ke? errmm ok... so, are you coming?
me: yes... yes... okay i will go!

kesian man kidal jadik monkey die... hmmmm new generation tak kenal man kidal rupanya :D heh heh :D ma…

you and me.. we are different people

obviously laaa... you know what i like to do? read blogs.. and also facebooking :P the latest addiction in the world. and of course my xango biz. yeupp.. am maintaining right now and enjoy doing it. i said to my sister that i like reading this one blog, but then my sister said, nothing special about that blog - just a normal boring family thingy. and i think of my blog. why do people come back? does my stories attract them to return? my guess is most of those who returned are the people who know me. they just wanna know update.

i think i have been updating some same stories. no? hehehe :D i really like to say that, dont i? :P anyway, 5 minutes ago, i just shoo-ed joelis away from my workspace. both of them were arguing about lisa who cheated just to get the bolster for tonight and joey as usual being whiny about it. and i just told lisa that cheating is definitely not the right way to get what you want in life. neither does taking other people's husbands/boyfriends/wives/girlfriend…

there was no sign :(

my mind is still on yasmin ahmad. lots of different stories heard about her. i dont care. i like her. and i really enjoy her creative works. the day that she died, i was thinking on the way home from work. can anybody ever be ready to die? i know i am not. :( and immediately i think of my joelis. i want to make sure that they'll have what they are supposed to have. and i dont want them to be burden from my debts... *sigh* at that point of time, i called up my uncle who works in the bank and asked about my car loan - just to make sure that if i die, they wont be burden of the loan. and my assets are for my joelis. and my mom will take care of joelis.

today, i visited yasmin's blog. and i read some of her comments just 2 days before she collapsed. i felt so saddened. she is a nice person. its like she doesnt hurt anyone... the way she speaks in her blog sounded so soft and ikhlas. yess... i am missing her already although i dont know her in person. apatah lagi those who have work…

when gals party...

good enough that i did not buy a new dress. i arranged 6 of my dresses on the bed and get lisa to help me choose. but as usual, i will end up wearing the one that i feel comfy wearing :D bengang jer lisa... hehehe :D i was thinking more of the place after the event.. than the cocktail dinner itself.... and i am not wearing black... brown for a change :)

did i enjoy myself? well, to be honest - it was more about school spirit. the event was okay. i enjoyed being with the crowd more.. having my batch gals... listening to the speeches.. looking at the slides show.. fuhh meremang bulu roma gak. i bought 1 polo tshirt and a keychain. buat syarat. almost became an impulsive buyer... luckily iman still strong.. heh heh :P we wanted to go elsewhere after that since some were gatal kaki already, me included but unfortunately the band did not play last night. so, we just stayed on at la bodega till around 1130pm before we headed home... its working day la tomorrow.. :P huh?? photos? i am using k…

busy nyerrrr...

watching mukhsin now on tv... simply because i miss yasmin ahmad. we were watching something else on tv when i told kaiser that i want to watch a malay film on tv today. i told him about yasmin ahmad - how good she was in her film as a director.

kaiser is asleep while i am typing my blog now. he is not feeling well. it's seldom that he is like that.. gave him a massage while watching tv, hoping that he'll feel a bit better with his headache. asked him to take panadol and send him to bed... :) first lisa, then joey and last kaiser... ehhehe :D all the manja2 people around me.

spaghetti brak brok: yeahh that's what i called it. i had spaghetti olio last friday after gym, with kaiser. hehehe :D well, i was accompanying him, then lapar... so i ate that lah.. it was yummy. so i was telling kaiser, this looked easy to do.. so, today i decided to cook that for dinner. jadik ke? err... tak langsung! hahaha :D LOL... but when i looked at my family ate, they looked so berselera.. joel…