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a year wiser :)

by - July 21, 2009

yeupp... this hot mom turned another year wiser yesterday! started with a nice, sweet birthday eve err.. celebration with my dearest hubby... :) i still cant stop smiling now.. hehehe :D i received a partial of my birthday present during our bandung trip. the birthday day itself - uhmm well, i spend most of the day at the office :) but had a great productive day at work :)

after work - went straight to the gym. AD already waiting for me at the lobby with a box of errmm looked like cake. so i asked him,

me: heyy... what's that? food?
AD: cake..! its your birthday, so i bought cake.
me: ya ya... i am going to the gym now and you bought cake!
AD: *giggling* yaa... you train and i eat your cake!

hmmmm.... boleh?? gggrrr...

well, in the end, we ate the 2 pieces of cakes together... heheheh :D i ate 3 quarter la, he ate some of mine. :*

i got home just before maghrib. got showered and later proceed to my eldest sister's house for dinner. :) food was sooo sedappp.... it's a pity that AD had to attend a meeting. my nieces and nephew did a mini treasure hunt for me.. heh heh :D i loved it! i was supposed to look for my own presents... that was really sweet of them.. found all 3.. and all were frogs items... yey!!!

and more cakes after that... i love the card that joelis and AD gave... thank you for the lovely presents.. great food... and lisa baked bread pudding for us! can you believe even my parents' birthday card for me has frogs in it! hahaha :D

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