Wednesday, July 29, 2009

why do i feel not nice?

we had a chat last night. lisa, myself and kaiser... well, kaiser was not in the picture originally but since we were all in the living room, he got himself involve lah. :P lisa has been bugging me about the secondary school that she'll be going to next year. and her choice has been cbn. earlier she wanted so much to go to a boarding school. i was quite reluctant since i am not sure how to handle being far apart from my lil lisa :) but i guess, i cant hold her forever close to me huh.. she's growing up and very fast too.

the funny thing is that when she wanted something, she started to be extra helpful with the house chores. i remember few days back as we returned home, i went to the yard to pick up the dry clothes and started to hang another cycle. and as soon as she put her bags in her room, she came up to me and helped me with the clothes. hehehe :D bodeksss ler tuh.. :P

see, got off track.. :P well anyway. she is a good debater - that i must say. she has points, maybe because i did not do my homework. to cut story short - i said 'ok' for her to go to cbn. to tell you frankly, i have nothing against cbn laa.. just that perhaps she can go to other schools.

now i feel sad cause she sort of go against my say. :( and later when she went into her room, i was still lying on the sofa - trying to watch tv when actually my mind was elsewhere. kaiser came up to me and tried to talk it out with me while hugging me...(this i loikee...:P ahakss..) :/ he stated his points and i knew he was right too. and there i was - felt defeated:( i shouldnt feel that way - but i did :( :(