Thursday, July 2, 2009

which comes first?

i have too many stuff to write. i am so happy now that my project has been launched. for my office that is. not my side income project.. hhehe.. see, too much things in my head. but alhamdulillah, somehow Allah swt will help me to get things done, no matter how screw up i can be at times. :)

i had char kuey tiow session last night with my joelis. while having food, i smsed AD just telling him where we were and minutes later AD joined us at the stall. but of course, joelis and i had this agreement not to tell AD how much i ate! :P

errr... what do i want to write actually huh? hmmmm nevermind lah.. i dont know where to start lah... i stop first lah... now i am having a headache. lunch lambat, syok menari lagu jaiho... :P hmm padan muka...

why do i miss him eh? :P errkkss...