Wednesday, July 1, 2009

thank you

things have been so sweet lately... hehehe :D alhamdulillah... not counting the days now.. make the days count...... does it make sense? no? doesnt matter... i am happy :) AD has been so sweet lately... not that he is not sweet. lets just say that his sweetness is very expensive.. :P anyway..
  • thank you sayang for whatever (that i cant really put in the blog) hahahaha... geram tak? :P
  • thank you sayang (AD and joelis) for folding the clothes
  • thank you sayang for doing the laundry
  • thank you sayang for the dinner that you cooked for me sometimes.. heh heh.. :D
  • thank you sayang for fixing the mirrors in joelis' rooms
  • thank you sayang for sending the boxes to the post office.. heh heh :D

aahhh its getting too mushy now... get outta here................. dushhh... am going for my gym now... later ... ;)