Thursday, July 2, 2009

leave it to Him

  • ohh.. is he a moslem? does he pray 5 times a day?
  • he just walked passed him, without saying a word - no wishes 'salam' or whatever because "he is a moslem but do not pray 5 times a day, so i dont talk to him".
  • he was born a moslem, he doesnt pray, he doesnt fast. no one says anything to him. why? aahhh... he was lucky, he was born a matter what - he is a moslem.
  • who are you to put a label on every moslem in this world.
  • who are you to say or judge whether a person is truly a moslem or not.
  • ahhh...she prays but she wears a skirt, so she's kufur.
  • hmmm... she wears hijab, and she talks/gossip about other people, she is still a good moslem, coz she covers up?
  • she covers her head, she stabs her friend from the back at work, she talks bad about her close friends - she's excused... she's still okay because she covers her head?
islam teaches us to be good to everyone, no matter what faith they believe in. in fact, i believe all religion teaches its followers to be nice/good to everyone. no religion in this world teaches its followers to kill one another, or to pass judgements to one another, or to put labels on who is a good moslem and who is not, or dont mix with her cause she is not a good moslem.

who are you to judge whether or not she is a good moslem? islam is peace. and religion unites people together. if only everyone in this world understand that... can you imagine how peaceful this world can be? there wont be any war... no killing one another... and people will live happily ever after wont they?