Friday, July 31, 2009

our sports session

the wonderful week is almost over!.... joelis have been asking, what are we gonna do this weekend? are we gonna play tennis? somehow, everytime we play tennis, i'll be having tough time coz it's too hot. the sun is so direct laa... how can they play like at 3pm??? well, yeahh.. i get the tanned that he wanted la, but aduhhh sakit kepala babe...

anyhow, for first timers, joelis not bad lah... joey can serve quite well. only that if other people serve, it was quite difficult for him as he still doesnt have the strength yet to handle the ball. kesian dia... tapi cam cute je tgk dia larik terkedek2...heheheh :D lisa's serving not as good as joey but if other people serve, she can hit the ball. :) so, most of the time, lisa will play with kaiser and i'd play with joey.

here are a few pics of us doing the sports stuff... gym... office dance class.. and joey at the tennis court... malas sebenarnya nak type banyak2... bukan apa, my fingernails are getting too long... susah nak type :P enjoy the pics people!