Saturday, July 18, 2009

my wonder woman weekend

started as early as 700am. well my alarm went at 630am because my lil joelis are going to school in the morning. :) switch off the alarm, and i heard joelis outside going in and out the bathroom. lisa has been bunking in joey's room for a few nights. it has been hot for her maybe and her room has no air cond. well anyway, started the day with bringing down all the dry clothes, and put in another load in the washing machine. folded the dried ones, and just waited for joelis having cereal as breakfast. joelis went to school at 730am, i cleaned up the living room a bit.. :P and did my work... oh yes... i did browse thru some interior decor on the internet. AD came out of the room just before 800am and have his usual protein shake for breakfast :)

okay... and.. errr.. i really wanted to rearrange the living room. it has been messy... maid has not been here for the past 3 weeks.. and err.. he he he :D cleaned up my drawers... check it out my emails... made a few orders for my distributor in bandung... and looking at the clock.. 1030am!! how time flies when you are so busy. i have washed the 2nd loading by then. i was so hungry.. can i have nasi lemak atok? plssss....:P so, i went out, drove to buy nasi lemak and for joelis' early lunch - pick joelis up from school - and here i am now... updating my blog.

will tell more about our trip to bandung very soon! been trying to upload pictures on fb but failed miserably... :(

oh yes...i paid a visit to baby myra before i left for bandung... and she was wearing the clothes that i bought for her.. she's so tiny... :)