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continuation of 12th july 2009 :P

by - July 18, 2009

had a delicious early dinner with joelis, imran and kelly. kids went for a swim just now, then we wanted to go to mc donalds, but... alaah... boring lah.. so i decided to drive the kids to studio cafe belonged to zahid af. food was good :) a lil bit pricey but good food :) alamak i am so lazy to get my phone la.. snapped a few photos just now.. later la okay...
continued from the previous posting:
stayed for awhile at pak haji's house... and took photos at his nice cute japanese garden.

we got back at the hotel just before maghrib. after prayer, we both walked to the factory outlets nearby the hotel. it was really convenient :) but my feet were aching... wanted to look for flip flop but whats available were not to my liking... so we ended up having dinner beside heritage.. and walked home - back to the hotel. early sleep that 1st night.. must be very tired after the dancing and singing and walking :)

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