Saturday, July 18, 2009

another vacation :)

12th july 2009
arrived at hussein airport, bandung at 10.45am, by the time we got our luggage, it was almost 12 noon. we arrived at the wedding hall just before 1230pm. it was really grand. i was not that fascinated when we arrived, kinda lower down my expectation. as i thought it was just another wedding celebration. but as we walked to the hall entrance.... i started to be amazed... with the flowers decoration... the layers of colorful curtain-like... the huge flower bouquets.. the standing lights... the huge hall - and loads and loads of food. kaiser and i had a lot of fun - dancing.. taking pictures... and i know kaiser had fun eating too! lots to choose from. met my mom in the hall as my parents arrived 2 days earlier. we stayed till after 2pm... my mom was already tired. the host asked kaiser and i to stay with them and followed them to their home later on. they arranged for the driver to send my parents to the hotel and our luggage to our room :)

we went back in the hall after sending my parents off to rest at the hotel. i sang with the band and we started to dance again! aahhhh it was beautiful... the moments, the memories, food, music... dancing with kaiser...

just before 3pm, we went to pak hj's house.. just resting - chit chatting... take more pictures... and... oh my... he has lots of cars lining up in front of his house! :P the treatment that we got overthere was superb... escort by the police etc...

to be continued... :)