Tuesday, July 21, 2009

13th july 2009

am: we just could not get out of bed... the bed was really cosy and warm. there was no fan in the room, just air cond but did not switched on the air cond. errr.. what am i talking about now? :O apppaaraa.... all i wanted to say is just that we felt nice there.. cosy, quiet, romantic, simple.

ibu nia arrived at the hotel to accompany some of her guests back to kl. we sent them to the airport. spent a few hours there.. after airport, we went straight to pasar baru looking for some stuffs :) then went for lunch... looked for my shoes.. and then we met transformers... hahaha serious! we took pictures with them - just because kaiser wanted to show off to joey.. hehehe :D

later, we sent my parents back to the hotel - but.... kaiser and i went out again with ibu nia to hunt for handphones. kaiser bought himself a new handphone, although till now, while i am typing this post, he is still using his old phone :P

got back at the hotel just enough time to shower and do the necessary. bapak arrived at the hotel around 8pm. we went out for dinner... sundanese food... it was simple but delicious! the place was realllyyyyyy cooollldddd... that kaiser had to buy a piece of sweatshirt... i was freezin too... luckily i brought my pashmina with me.. and of course, my huggable hunk warmer ;)

to be continued... coz i am sleepy...