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our sports session

the wonderful week is almost over!.... joelis have been asking, what are we gonna do this weekend? are we gonna play tennis? somehow, everytime we play tennis, i'll be having tough time coz it's too hot. the sun is so direct laa... how can they play like at 3pm??? well, yeahh.. i get the tanned that he wanted la, but aduhhh sakit kepala babe...

anyhow, for first timers, joelis not bad lah... joey can serve quite well. only that if other people serve, it was quite difficult for him as he still doesnt have the strength yet to handle the ball. kesian dia... tapi cam cute je tgk dia larik terkedek2...heheheh :D lisa's serving not as good as joey but if other people serve, she can hit the ball. :) so, most of the time, lisa will play with kaiser and i'd play with joey.

here are a few pics of us doing the sports stuff... gym... office dance class.. and joey at the tennis court... malas sebenarnya nak type banyak2... bukan apa, my fingernails are getting too long... susah nak t…

why do i feel not nice?

we had a chat last night. lisa, myself and kaiser... well, kaiser was not in the picture originally but since we were all in the living room, he got himself involve lah. :P lisa has been bugging me about the secondary school that she'll be going to next year. and her choice has been cbn. earlier she wanted so much to go to a boarding school. i was quite reluctant since i am not sure how to handle being far apart from my lil lisa :) but i guess, i cant hold her forever close to me huh.. she's growing up and very fast too.

the funny thing is that when she wanted something, she started to be extra helpful with the house chores. i remember few days back as we returned home, i went to the yard to pick up the dry clothes and started to hang another cycle. and as soon as she put her bags in her room, she came up to me and helped me with the clothes. hehehe :D bodeksss ler tuh.. :P

see, got off track.. :P well anyway. she is a good debater - that i must say. she has points, maybe becaus…

feng shui now?

13th july 2009

am: we just could not get out of bed... the bed was really cosy and warm. there was no fan in the room, just air cond but did not switched on the air cond. errr.. what am i talking about now? :O apppaaraa.... all i wanted to say is just that we felt nice there.. cosy, quiet, romantic, simple.

ibu nia arrived at the hotel to accompany some of her guests back to kl. we sent them to the airport. spent a few hours there.. after airport, we went straight to pasar baru looking for some stuffs :) then went for lunch... looked for my shoes.. and then we met transformers... hahaha serious! we took pictures with them - just because kaiser wanted to show off to joey.. hehehe :D

later, we sent my parents back to the hotel - but.... kaiser and i went out again with ibu nia to hunt for handphones. kaiser bought himself a new handphone, although till now, while i am typing this post, he is still using his old phone :P

got back at the hotel just enough time to shower and do the necessary. bapak arrived …

a year wiser :)

yeupp... this hot mom turned another year wiser yesterday! started with a nice, sweet birthday eve err.. celebration with my dearest hubby... :) i still cant stop smiling now.. hehehe :D i received a partial of my birthday present during our bandung trip. the birthday day itself - uhmm well, i spend most of the day at the office :) but had a great productive day at work :)

after work - went straight to the gym. AD already waiting for me at the lobby with a box of errmm looked like cake. so i asked him,

me: heyy... what's that? food?
AD: cake..! its your birthday, so i bought cake.
me: ya ya... i am going to the gym now and you bought cake!
AD: *giggling* yaa... you train and i eat your cake!

hmmmm.... boleh?? gggrrr...

well, in the end, we ate the 2 pieces of cakes together... heheheh :D i ate 3 quarter la, he ate some of mine. :*

i got home just before maghrib. got showered and later proceed to my eldest sister's house for dinner. :) food was sooo sedappp.... it's a pity that AD …

13th july 2009

our second day in bandung... it was really nice to stay in bed :) by around 915am, we got a call from the cafe. breakfast was almost over... and they asked if we wanna have breakfast.. hehehe :D sampai kena call ke bilik pulak.. :p during this time that we saw how beautiful the hotel that we stayed in... :) it was really cosy and quiet and how do i say... relaxing :)

we headed to the airport with ibu and a few people to send some of the group members back to KL.. after that, we headed to pasar baru where i bought a few office wear. yeupp... i love the pants suits. :) i can get 4 pairs for the price of 1 here in KL - tailor made... so? worth la buying.. once a year at least. ;) who was my fashion consultant - none than other but my dearest hubby - kaiser ;)

ps: i am watching swarm now on 102 - time is 440pm - kaiser is not home and joelis is at the airport.

sambung balik: after shopping in pasar baru - we headed home as my mom needs her rest. we went to the handphone shops. kaiser bought …

continuation of 12th july 2009 :P

had a delicious early dinner with joelis, imran and kelly. kids went for a swim just now, then we wanted to go to mc donalds, but... alaah... boring lah.. so i decided to drive the kids to studio cafe belonged to zahid af. food was good :) a lil bit pricey but good food :) alamak i am so lazy to get my phone la.. snapped a few photos just now.. later la okay...
continued from the previous posting:
stayed for awhile at pak haji's house... and took photos at his nice cute japanese garden.

we got back at the hotel just before maghrib. after prayer, we both walked to the factory outlets nearby the hotel. it was really convenient :) but my feet were aching... wanted to look for flip flop but whats available were not to my liking... so we ended up having dinner beside heritage.. and walked home - back to the hotel. early sleep that 1st night.. must be very tired after the dancing and singing and walking :)

another vacation :)

12th july 2009
arrived at hussein airport, bandung at 10.45am, by the time we got our luggage, it was almost 12 noon. we arrived at the wedding hall just before 1230pm. it was really grand. i was not that fascinated when we arrived, kinda lower down my expectation. as i thought it was just another wedding celebration. but as we walked to the hall entrance.... i started to be amazed... with the flowers decoration... the layers of colorful curtain-like... the huge flower bouquets.. the standing lights... the huge hall - and loads and loads of food. kaiser and i had a lot of fun - dancing.. taking pictures... and i know kaiser had fun eating too! lots to choose from. met my mom in the hall as my parents arrived 2 days earlier. we stayed till after 2pm... my mom was already tired. the host asked kaiser and i to stay with them and followed them to their home later on. they arranged for the driver to send my parents to the hotel and our luggage to our room :)

we went back in the hall after se…

my wonder woman weekend

started as early as 700am. well my alarm went at 630am because my lil joelis are going to school in the morning. :) switch off the alarm, and i heard joelis outside going in and out the bathroom. lisa has been bunking in joey's room for a few nights. it has been hot for her maybe and her room has no air cond. well anyway, started the day with bringing down all the dry clothes, and put in another load in the washing machine. folded the dried ones, and just waited for joelis having cereal as breakfast. joelis went to school at 730am, i cleaned up the living room a bit.. :P and did my work... oh yes... i did browse thru some interior decor on the internet. AD came out of the room just before 800am and have his usual protein shake for breakfast :)

okay... and.. errr.. i really wanted to rearrange the living room. it has been messy... maid has not been here for the past 3 weeks.. and err.. he he he :D cleaned up my drawers... check it out my emails... made a few orders for my distributo…

Okay I am back

i've got pain at my ass... heh heh... for sitting on the floor while doing my slides presentation with one amazing investment & charity. ;) gonna have an online presentation for that. but that again, it's not for everyone. :) well anyway, that's not why i am blogging. this is my personal stories of family, stuff, travel... etc... and less about business :P

where do i start? i have been neglecting my gym last week.. well, i went only once last week. and later i got too busy with things... yeah.. been neglecting my blog too and have not been to any other blogs to read for a long time :( nevetheless got the chance to peek some... and aahh... some people is still so perasan.. *grin*


so... as usual, i will be compiling a few stories to share... :) let's start with my 20 years reunion!!! yezzaaa.... you read it right... 20 years! to tell you frankly, i was not that excited about it :) it was like okay la... but just 1 night before the day, mo…

what your handbag says about you?

since i am so into handbags right now... somehow i found this article on the internet. no, i am not quite a branded person - as long as i like the handbag, i'll buy them. this year i have been buying handbags... err i dont know why... from brown, white (just for the party) and black.. which i bought recently. and i get bored easily so... i dont buy really expensive handbags.. err why am i telling you all these? duhh.... :P

but... read on...


Whether you carry only a credit card in your clutch or you fill your purse with everything from a passport to an extra pair of pumps, the type of handbag you choose to sling over your shoulder speaks to your personality. 22% of women would splurge on a handbag if they could only choose one luxury item, so before you start spending, check out these personality traits to find out what your handbag says about you before you ever say a word. The Briefcase/Purse Combo