Monday, June 1, 2009

the wedding at dewan tun rahah

it was a full weekend alright. Started with a wedding that we attended last friday. i was looking forward to attend it simply because it was at the dewan tun rahah. the place that i wanted to have but could not... hehehe :D but you know what, after that night, the place was not that nice lah... it was so so... food was also so so... sound system was bad (my standard) even our friend's sound system sounded better in a bigger hall for my sister's wedding. the waitress and waiters were not courteous... err... anyway, AD looked handsome with his baju melayu... joelis helped him with his butang baju melayu.. well, when i am so hungry, my hands start to tremble... hahah :D can't even put on the butang baju melayu for him.. so, joelis came to the rescue helping their father :) they looked cute!
we took more pictures with my phone camera... result was mengeciwakan... what do you expect from a small phone.. 1MP camera... duhhh... blur giler ok... oh... and after the wedding, we went for a dance at a WH... yeup... some of us with baju melayu and kebaya.. dancing salsa, meringue.. bachata... hehehe :D i love to see them dance... AD got excited that night and we took lots of pics ourselves.

gotta stop now... someone's checking my laptop... till later.... :)