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this is no fairy tale

by - June 21, 2009

i had a chat with my sister this morning who commented about the contents of my blog. well, i thank her for the concern but i am no pretender. i write what/how i feel. perhaps i should write less now... life has its ups and downs and i accept it as it is... we learn new things everyday. and we grow up to be stronger. i am a stronger person now compared to before and i am gonna train my joelis to be that too. it aint gonna be easy - but we will manage. you readers out there, you have a choice, to pray for our happiness or the opposite. as for us, we take one step at a time.

so, what's new... today is sunday... CB has been asking AD when kids can come to his condo for a swim. it seems that 2 weeks has passed. see how busy my joelis are.. heh heh :D well anyway, today is the day. AD is having his class there so, we'll just meet him there after joelis' music class. looking forward for it...and me can have more color on my skin... ihikkk... perhaps we will upload pictures later ;) *wink*

we went to a pool wedding yesterday. it was lovely... simple and beautiful.. we had fun dancing.. food was good. AD and joey enjoyed their japanese food... lots of 'em... for a while, few hiccups here and there... but overall it was nice... congratulations john & larisa...!! hi lights of the day:

  • when a Scottish couple said that AD and i are good dancers... hahaha... nak tergelak tuh... but at least this time i feel more comfortable doing the turning part... heheh and more confident when AD did that err what do you call it when i had to bend on my back thingy...
  • on the way back last night, joelis and i took a detour, went up to puncak and watched the nice scenery of kl at night and took pictures...
and before we slept, we did our last prayer for the day and recite yasin together and pray that Allah swt will help us, and fulfill our doa. :) Ameen...

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