Tuesday, June 16, 2009

had a good time anyway

it was our 2nd party with xango 13th june 2009... and this time the theme was white.. me.. shopping? errr... hehehe :D does that answer your question? oh... and fiza if you are reading this.. sorry i could not get back to you on time... :( will get something from your shop when i found the one that i like okay.. :)

the seminar was great... i did my last minute shopping right after the seminar... that left me only 2 hours err.. less to do my hair... alamak... too many people.. i had to wait for 45 minutes!! no cant do... so, i went round looking for more hair saloon... found it.. called APT... err ok lah.. had a good head massage coz my head was already spinning..

ahh.. i sat beside francesca peters... thats the best part... how did that happened? ohh.. coz, my hubby is her trainer.. so, she became his guest for the party... it was fun sitting beside her.. shes funny.. :) and i was too shy to ask for her autograph.. hmmmm but i snapped a pic with her... few pictures...!!!