Monday, June 15, 2009

feelin' down

at first I was so excited to write exciting stuff in my blog. Had lots of activities, but with the unstable internet connection at home, really turned me off. I guess, after a while, to get back on track with blogging takes time lah. With lots of tasks to do at home, office... laptop trying to be funny... all sorts lah. [will do some back dated postings soon - i promise :)]

but let me just talk about me feeling not nice today. you see, i am a person who will get sad very fast. especially when someone started to raise his voice all of a sudden simply because he doesnt know how to control his temper.

who realized it? first of all, my lil joelis. and joey asked me in the car yesterday, 'why are you so quiet ma' and i just continued being quiet.

no one says that being married is easy. it takes time to know each other. especially about staying together - lots of give and take thingy...

anyway, i really dont appreciate people who is so unable to control his/her temper and acted stupyd and spoiled everyone's mood.

whatever it is, his action spoilt my mood yesterday when it was time that we are supposed to spend 'the time with family'... duhhh...

joey and i shared the same feeling... when we talked about it last night, before he fell asleep in my arms... we both agreed that the family time was not nice... :(