Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bowling & Desa Parkcity

the times when we had a good time out... :) had 2 games and i won! of course lahhhh.... :D so, normally, the champion, tak yah la letak gambar kan... muahahaha *evil laugh*

after bowling, we took a drive to desa parkcity. we have this new hobby now... window shopping for a new place to stay. a place where kids can have more freedom playing outside, cycling, jogging... running... playground... :) desa parkcity is quite a nice place... but still scouting around. i prefer mont kiara, i think... :P

joelis had the freedom to play at the clean playground. AD and i took a stroll by the mini shopping mall, enjoying the lake view.. then, we stopped by secret recipe - enjoyed the cake... and we ordered mushroom soup when joelis came to join us.

where else to go eh...? :)