Thursday, May 7, 2009

value of friendship

today i learnt again, the value of friendship. when i thought somewhere deep inside that i have lost it. nevertheless, today i also learnt no matter how close you are with your friends, your family is always the best - people who will always stand by you, no matter how bad a situation may be. i admit that i have trusted the wrong people. and that has caused me myself. i regret it, for sure, and i told myself, that will be the last that i would accept such favor. i should always listen to my instinct when i feel something is not right. anyway, passed is passed. do i feel hurt? yes... will i trust again, honestly, it's difficult, but life still goes on. i feel sorry that people think of me of something else., have i said whatever i wanted to say. yes and no. and i have my reasons. and i know now that i shall keep my distance. certain words have put a mark in my head. and if i'd known this, i would not have...

for all my friends out there. this is who i am. but i need to jot down a few things:
  • you can call or sms me anytime, in case of emergency. if i dont pick up the phone or answer you back, it is simply because i was not able to, or phone was not with me, or i am asleep.
  • if you are like me, tell me straight to my face. as i dont read minds.
  • i will not call/sms my friends after 10pm unless they say it's okay. [so if it is okay with you, do leave a comment on this post :P]
  • i am a person who dont switch off my handphone.
  • reminder for all the unmarried ones, get someone else (real planner) to help you with your weddings or your own families. i have read this many times in many websites, i should have listened. so now i am telling you - listen up!!! dont get your friends, no matter how much you wanna save. you may jeopardize your friendship. i've been there, i know what i am talking about.
  • and if you are the person who offers assistance to your friends, expect that your full assistance is needed - otherwise, your friend wont entrust you on the task.
  • offer when you know you are capable to do it - know yourself and enjoy doing it. cause if you start to complaint - keikhlasan itu akan hilang.
  • sometimes, the people whom you think you can rely on, could let you down - at the very last minute.,
  • sometimes, the people whom you think will not be there for you, will be the person who will be there all the way.
  • trust only yourself... errr... this is too strong lah... :P
  • you may treat someone like a king or a princess, but people might not treat you the same.
me, and my family... have dignity and i shall not let anyone look down upon them.

thank you mom.. for always being there for me. no matter how difficult i may be. no matter how high my wants in this world. thank you mug dude for listening to my grouchyness, and when i am down, sad, frustrated.. and the best part is when i get to sleep with you before my wedding night and when i am feeling so small in this world. i love you sis!

and to my bb friends, thank you for keeping us together. after more than 20 years of friendship. i appreciate what you girls have done. :) thank you for pointing out things that i do not realized. i am leaving my frustration behind. and i am starting off new.

and ein will have a great weekend as mug dude is getting married in 2 days! i am so happy for her... :* :*


Wafa Nokman said...

Ditto! Don't trust anyone in can only trust yourself! heheheheh

Our congratulations to MUG DUDE! Welcome to the club...hehehheeh And yes...>10pm is cool.

Ein said...

great... good to know that.. :) thanks wafa.