Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mission accomplished!

adjustment period is the best way to explain certain things happening around me. was it easy? nope, of course not. was it worth it? yes, i believe so. there is no 'i'll try'... it is either yes or no in doing it. so, if you want it to improve, do it. if not, you can leave it as it is and suffer inside. :)
the mission that i set for myself has been accomplished and i am satisfied with the actions. what needed to be done has been done lah. :) of course in any cases, certain sacrifices was needed. but not that much lah.
just for the record, i am listening to pitbull: if you want me. best giler babe!!! okay okay back to the story...

in short: everything is fine now... :) anyway here's the story over the weekend. i sent my car to the workshop to change all 4 botak tires. thanks to my dad who introduced me to 1 shop in setapak. got a good deal and discount. changed the brake pad too. had the guy tested my car - and i am all set to travel/drive to penang that saturday night.

fyi, i am not a long distance driver. my limit, max is 2 hours. well, last weekend, we started 1150pm. by 1.30am, i was already getting restless. stopped in tapah... i had my teh tarik, AD had his mineral water and i shared kuey tiow goreng with him.

AD offered to drive but i said it was still okay for me to drive for various reasons:
  • still nak tunjuk terror
  • tak mau dia bebel later
  • wanted him to have enough rest for the meeting in the morning
  • it was me who offered to drive when he wanted to go on a bus
  • the signboards on the highway was not clear for a foreigner to drive especially at night. he will end up waking me up and ask for directions (true enough on the way back! hehehe :D )
anyway, i love driving my car with the new tires lah... my max speed for that night was only 130kmh. maintain at 110 or 120kmh only. the driving was quiet and smooth... love it. about 1 hour before we reach penang, i could not open my eyes anymore, so, decided to stop at err.. i dont remember the name of the R&R... slept in the car for 45 minutes. when i got up, it was 4.00am... continue to drive. reached penang island at 5.00am... and by then AD is awake. we reached NF's house by 5.29am... apa lagi?? tidor laaa... hehhee :D by the time we woke up, it was 8.10am...

showered, got out of the house, bought some breakfast - for the party too... work lahhh... and... bla bla bla... the best part in penang... we get to see beautiful houses!! love them man... of all time, last weekend i forgot to bring my camera. :( so, no pics... :(

drove back to kl on the same day... 12midnight monday... AD drove first. i tried to sleep... but biasa lah kan... cannot sleep lah... sat lagi sampai toll kena kejut.. isk isk isk... pening kepala... tau2 dah sampai tapah.. :D hehehe :D laju gak mamat nie drive... but he said, he maintained at 110 or 120kmh jer... ye laa... laju mana sangat la dengan mpv kan :P i took over from tapah... but after a while sudah ngantuk gilaa... and that was like 345am! mana tak nya... by 400am... my eyes cannot tahan already... hehehe :D stopped at sg buloh R&R... washed my face and continue driving.. my aim was to reach home by 430am... guess what i saw ular sawa besar siot on duke highway!!!

430am...reached our home sweet home... and zzzzzzz.... 645am woke up... sent lisa to school... and me...? went to work lah... :P giler ekkkk... but.. it was worth it! i saved what/whom i was supposed to save... heh heh.. *wink*