Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a good start

i was feeling much better... had a chat with few different people for different opinions. and yeahh... i do feel much better. just needed to do some soul searching... find out why do i need to feel that way. i am wasting my energy when i should be focusing on us! yes... you read it right... US ie. AD, lisa, joey and me :)

and when it was time for me to go home. i had my moment to be with myself. did the thinking in my car. i have been wasting my time and energy for things that arent important. however, it still needed to be addressed. i agree. settle with myself... then i will deal with the rest.

i came home rushing as i needed to check on my internet line at home. found out that the line was disconnected. hmmm nothing else i can do. smsed AD and told him that. AD stayed out as he needed the internet to do his online presentation.

AD came back just after i picked up joelis from my parents' house. joelis went to their bedrooms - passed their bed time :) and i saw AD's face... smiling.. and i smiled back. feeling relieved after have not been smiling at him like that for quite some time. and yeah it did make me feel much better... i know he loves me. :) and he joined me at the sofa while i was watching tv... and i felt more contented when he put his arms around me :) :) and i know at that moment, i love this guy beside me... and tell me... what else do i want? i should be grateful with what Allah swt has granted... alhamdulillah...

it was a good start last night...