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the company's sports carnival 2009

by - May 06, 2009

yezzzaaaa our team won again this year!!! we had our sports carnival 2009 last friday. total of 5 teams altogether. we have been the champion for ... how many years, cant remember already! hahaha :D it was really darn hot... after the first game i almost vomitted... luckily lisa was there all the time. she massaged my back.. and i had ponston in my sports bag. terrible headache man!! cant take a break coz we didn't have a reserve player.

we had the company dinner on the next day. theme was retro. and i got 3rd place, best dressed - woman... wuhhuu... richer by rm150! thanks tina for the boots!! alhamdulillah... overall it was okay, except joey was too tired that he slept early. the band was lousy!!! lisa enjoyed herself doing pocho2 anyway for the last dance.. :) AD was err... he enjoyed the food for awhile and after that he got bored.. heheheh :D

me, as usual... the veteran who performed that night. i thought i was not gonna get involved in the performance this year but... hmmm just could not resist lah!! i simply enjoy performing... dancing singing etc... ahakss..

unforgettable moment: i wanted to wear my green top when receiving my 'long term service award' from the MD but i was in my dancing costume... and guest what... when the MC called out my name, i was taking off my leggings in the dressing room!! whaa'!!!!! so, i slipped in again with my dance leggings and ran up the stage... *phew*...

overall... we had fun although all of us got really tanned! me especially... :P

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