Sunday, May 3, 2009

another weekend passed by...

i had a great time with hubby and kids at sunway lagoon. however, as i am typing this, my right side of my face is swollen. and my teeth hurts!! thats what happened when a person has like 5 ulcers in her mouth! well anyway... the best part was, i won 3rd place for best dressed last saturday during the company's annual sports carnival dinner. thanks to TN for lending me her boots. the theme was retro night. we had fun.. errmm.. yeahh... food was too much until AD could not eat anymore!!

we were done by just after 11pm. joey already fallen asleep on 3 chairs... that became his bed. with all the loud music, he can just sleep! can u believe that!!

we woke up early this morning. AD woke up first actually. :) he could not sleep with the air-cond switched on. hehehe :D now you know why our electricity bill was not that high. and by around 745am, we already left the hotel. had breakfast at pelita, bangsar. somehow, the roti canai did not taste that good like how angelina bought :( and the day was full... with my sister's meeting.. oh before that, we came home and i did some laundry ... cleaned up the kitchen.. trying to have a short nap but disturbed by AD!! grrrr... cant he see me relaxed a bit??!!

hmmm i am really tired right now.. and my gum is painful!! :( :( how do i go to work with a swollen face like this :(

ein signing off at 1214am - gosh... my writings are all jumbled up!