Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Quality Time

I admit that we have been too busy with work lately. AD with his business and gym while myself ... errr.. with what aahh?? shucksss... whatever lah.. but I did not forget to bring joelis to go and watch the dinosaurs at mid valley on the last day of the exhibition. later that night, joey asked me:

joey: ma.. what are we going to do for family day?
me: errmm... we just went out just now, didnt we?
joey: huh?
me: i took you and lisa to see the dinosaurs as promised.
joey: *with the straight expression on his face* but.. AD did not come along.
me: *sigh* yeahh... AD has to work sayang. *somehow this seems to be repetition in our life*
joey: hmmm ok.. *i hate to see that frustration on his face*

we, AD planned months back that no matter how busy we are, we should have 1 day with joelis. a day where we'll do activities with joelis. we used to go to shah alam and also cycling in putrajaya. somehow, we cant seem to find a suitable time for that now. :( as i left joey's room, i joined AD at the couch watching tv, and told him what joey said. and i can see from his face, the guilt. yeahh.. we both are guilty of not spending quality time that we used to with kids nowadays. but after that week, friday night has been our quality tv time together :D it started accidentally actually after watching XXX on tv. some positive improvement huh ;) before going to bed that night:

joey: ma... that was a great quality time.
ma: *i went...blur...* huh?
joey: we watched tv together ma... as a family.. it was fun and that was quality time! *and i saw that grin - with satisfaction*
ma: aaahh.... okay... :)

i kissed and hugged him goodnight and left him in his room before joining AD who was still watching tv. hmmm... kids just wanted parents to be together with them, does not have to be an outdoor activity far away or expensive.. just do things and spend time and be together :) without thinking of anything else.
ein: really thinking of getting bigger sofa now...hmmmmm

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mission accomplished!

adjustment period is the best way to explain certain things happening around me. was it easy? nope, of course not. was it worth it? yes, i believe so. there is no 'i'll try'... it is either yes or no in doing it. so, if you want it to improve, do it. if not, you can leave it as it is and suffer inside. :)
the mission that i set for myself has been accomplished and i am satisfied with the actions. what needed to be done has been done lah. :) of course in any cases, certain sacrifices was needed. but not that much lah.
just for the record, i am listening to pitbull: if you want me. best giler babe!!! okay okay back to the story...

in short: everything is fine now... :) anyway here's the story over the weekend. i sent my car to the workshop to change all 4 botak tires. thanks to my dad who introduced me to 1 shop in setapak. got a good deal and discount. changed the brake pad too. had the guy tested my car - and i am all set to travel/drive to penang that saturday night.

fyi, i am not a long distance driver. my limit, max is 2 hours. well, last weekend, we started 1150pm. by 1.30am, i was already getting restless. stopped in tapah... i had my teh tarik, AD had his mineral water and i shared kuey tiow goreng with him.

AD offered to drive but i said it was still okay for me to drive for various reasons:
  • still nak tunjuk terror
  • tak mau dia bebel later
  • wanted him to have enough rest for the meeting in the morning
  • it was me who offered to drive when he wanted to go on a bus
  • the signboards on the highway was not clear for a foreigner to drive especially at night. he will end up waking me up and ask for directions (true enough on the way back! hehehe :D )
anyway, i love driving my car with the new tires lah... my max speed for that night was only 130kmh. maintain at 110 or 120kmh only. the driving was quiet and smooth... love it. about 1 hour before we reach penang, i could not open my eyes anymore, so, decided to stop at err.. i dont remember the name of the R&R... slept in the car for 45 minutes. when i got up, it was 4.00am... continue to drive. reached penang island at 5.00am... and by then AD is awake. we reached NF's house by 5.29am... apa lagi?? tidor laaa... hehhee :D by the time we woke up, it was 8.10am...

showered, got out of the house, bought some breakfast - for the party too... work lahhh... and... bla bla bla... the best part in penang... we get to see beautiful houses!! love them man... of all time, last weekend i forgot to bring my camera. :( so, no pics... :(

drove back to kl on the same day... 12midnight monday... AD drove first. i tried to sleep... but biasa lah kan... cannot sleep lah... sat lagi sampai toll kena kejut.. isk isk isk... pening kepala... tau2 dah sampai tapah.. :D hehehe :D laju gak mamat nie drive... but he said, he maintained at 110 or 120kmh jer... ye laa... laju mana sangat la dengan mpv kan :P i took over from tapah... but after a while sudah ngantuk gilaa... and that was like 345am! mana tak nya... by 400am... my eyes cannot tahan already... hehehe :D stopped at sg buloh R&R... washed my face and continue driving.. my aim was to reach home by 430am... guess what i saw ular sawa besar siot on duke highway!!!

430am...reached our home sweet home... and zzzzzzz.... 645am woke up... sent lisa to school... and me...? went to work lah... :P giler ekkkk... but.. it was worth it! i saved what/whom i was supposed to save... heh heh.. *wink*

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009


hehehe :D I am so happy today that I learned something new... heh heh... ya ya... I have been too busy to really study about it.. but this feedburner thingy is really fun! and am loving it. I have placed it on my 3 blogs... yeaup... office, business and personal (this one la... duhh... ) ... ohh... not in the wedding blog tho.. :P so, if you wanna get updates... click on it! ;)

have a good weekend!

Maxis Broadband Sux?

Yeahhh tell me about it. I registered for Maxis Broadband for the past 4 months. It got really unstable lately. I experienced more and more problems for the past 2 weeks.
  • We often receive 'no internet connection'. When I called, they asked us to do something, then it became okay. Does it stop there? Nope... It has been occurring.
  • My internet connection was disconnected without prior notice for late payment. As I am also working with a service provider, what Maxis is doing is really unacceptable. Samseng siot...
  • The Customer Service person - I forgot what was her name starts with SH..something is a liar!! She promised me to connect the line immediately but it did not happpen. What a customer wants is you fulfill your promise, that's all. If you can't deliver, don't promise - it just pisses customers off.
Check out here for more comments on Maxis Broadband. It sux alright...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Know when the line is crossed!

"... People who takes a free ride on other people, and not to forget people who thinks they can use the platform to fish for unhealthy opportunity. It really p^%$$#d me off to actually witness this happening in front of my eyes. Nevertheless, I am no ordinary woman and I have eyes everywhere. And yes, that is a warning… :) ... read more

a good start

i was feeling much better... had a chat with few different people for different opinions. and yeahh... i do feel much better. just needed to do some soul searching... find out why do i need to feel that way. i am wasting my energy when i should be focusing on us! yes... you read it right... US ie. AD, lisa, joey and me :)

and when it was time for me to go home. i had my moment to be with myself. did the thinking in my car. i have been wasting my time and energy for things that arent important. however, it still needed to be addressed. i agree. settle with myself... then i will deal with the rest.

i came home rushing as i needed to check on my internet line at home. found out that the line was disconnected. hmmm nothing else i can do. smsed AD and told him that. AD stayed out as he needed the internet to do his online presentation.

AD came back just after i picked up joelis from my parents' house. joelis went to their bedrooms - passed their bed time :) and i saw AD's face... smiling.. and i smiled back. feeling relieved after have not been smiling at him like that for quite some time. and yeah it did make me feel much better... i know he loves me. :) and he joined me at the sofa while i was watching tv... and i felt more contented when he put his arms around me :) :) and i know at that moment, i love this guy beside me... and tell me... what else do i want? i should be grateful with what Allah swt has granted... alhamdulillah...

it was a good start last night...



that's how i feel right now.... it's like... WTF.... and my joelis will be ready to say, "MA!!!!!"

but yeahh... that's it.... why???

Friday, May 15, 2009

what happened on mothers' day?

5 days has passed. i have just finished reading my dear friend's blog and how sweet it was for his children to prepare some special meal for his wife. supervised by him in the kitchen. so, what happened at my home on mothers' day? i woke up early morning, sent an sms to my mom wishing her 'happy mothers' day' errrmm.. no flowers this year as there were too many bunch of flowers all over the house after my sister's wedding! hehehe :D special food? naahhh... not that either, simply because we had too much unhealthy food prior to mothers' day... excuses? no laa... it's the truth.

nevertheless, i received a sweet hand-made card from my dearest lisa that also came with a free whole body massage voucher from her... hehehe :D as for joey, he left whatever that he did at my parents' place. until i am writing this, it is still there... heh heh :D he told me last night, with his kitty cat face expression... "remember the something i wanted to give you ma?... i think i need more time... can i give you next week?" and i smiled at him.. "yes sayang... i will wait for it"

but what made me sad was how i ended the day... when i had unexpected sort of scolding from AD... it just snapped me and i ended went into lisa's room and cried... and in my head... "i had a good day and thanks to him, it ended sad" *sigh*

breathe again

have not been well for the past few days. must be too tired with the continuous family events. joelis have been too exhausted, my dad had high fever last night. oh yes, we enjoyed Frank's lasagna last wednesday. he cooked lasagna at my mom's kitchen for our dinner. i have been taking extra sleep a lot for the past 2 days. my body feels so weak. came back from work on wednesday, took a nap, before i started to clean up the kitchen, cooked dinner for hubby, settle some laundry before i went to my parents' place to have dinner with my sister's family in law at cheng ho restaurant.

thursday, continued cleaning up the bathroom after i came back from work. collected a few jeans to wash, folded more clothes. swept the whole house. went to my parents' house for the last family dinner with my sister's family in-law who are going back to philipines and canada taking the midnight flight. by then, my dad was too sick to even join dinner. hmmmm... brought him to the clinic, sent joelis home - AD was already home and later went back to the clinic to fetch my dad. he had a jab to bring down his temperature. sent my dad home, then i went home, check on joelis. hmmm from the parking i can see lisa's head in the kitchen. passed 930pm... they both should be in bed. went to joey's room, he was still awake. fed him his medicines. joey has been having fever too. MC for 2 days. hugged him in his bed... :) then i went straight to bed.

i am not feeling so good too since yesterday. i made sure i gargle the medicine that i had as my throat was not feeling comfortable. i told myself last night that in the morning i will shower straight away and go to work feeling good - although there are issues in my head... ahah!

and this morning, my alarm went off at 630am... got out of bed. showered. performed subuh prayer, checked on joelis. asked joey to shower. got ready, kissed AD and went off to work... and here i am at the office weee... 800am. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

value of friendship

today i learnt again, the value of friendship. when i thought somewhere deep inside that i have lost it. nevertheless, today i also learnt no matter how close you are with your friends, your family is always the best - people who will always stand by you, no matter how bad a situation may be. i admit that i have trusted the wrong people. and that has caused me myself. i regret it, for sure, and i told myself, that will be the last that i would accept such favor. i should always listen to my instinct when i feel something is not right. anyway, passed is passed. do i feel hurt? yes... will i trust again, honestly, it's difficult, but life still goes on. i feel sorry that people think of me of something else., have i said whatever i wanted to say. yes and no. and i have my reasons. and i know now that i shall keep my distance. certain words have put a mark in my head. and if i'd known this, i would not have...

for all my friends out there. this is who i am. but i need to jot down a few things:
  • you can call or sms me anytime, in case of emergency. if i dont pick up the phone or answer you back, it is simply because i was not able to, or phone was not with me, or i am asleep.
  • if you are like me, tell me straight to my face. as i dont read minds.
  • i will not call/sms my friends after 10pm unless they say it's okay. [so if it is okay with you, do leave a comment on this post :P]
  • i am a person who dont switch off my handphone.
  • reminder for all the unmarried ones, get someone else (real planner) to help you with your weddings or your own families. i have read this many times in many websites, i should have listened. so now i am telling you - listen up!!! dont get your friends, no matter how much you wanna save. you may jeopardize your friendship. i've been there, i know what i am talking about.
  • and if you are the person who offers assistance to your friends, expect that your full assistance is needed - otherwise, your friend wont entrust you on the task.
  • offer when you know you are capable to do it - know yourself and enjoy doing it. cause if you start to complaint - keikhlasan itu akan hilang.
  • sometimes, the people whom you think you can rely on, could let you down - at the very last minute.,
  • sometimes, the people whom you think will not be there for you, will be the person who will be there all the way.
  • trust only yourself... errr... this is too strong lah... :P
  • you may treat someone like a king or a princess, but people might not treat you the same.
me, and my family... have dignity and i shall not let anyone look down upon them.

thank you mom.. for always being there for me. no matter how difficult i may be. no matter how high my wants in this world. thank you mug dude for listening to my grouchyness, and when i am down, sad, frustrated.. and the best part is when i get to sleep with you before my wedding night and when i am feeling so small in this world. i love you sis!

and to my bb friends, thank you for keeping us together. after more than 20 years of friendship. i appreciate what you girls have done. :) thank you for pointing out things that i do not realized. i am leaving my frustration behind. and i am starting off new.

and ein will have a great weekend as mug dude is getting married in 2 days! i am so happy for her... :* :*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the company's sports carnival 2009

yezzzaaaa our team won again this year!!! we had our sports carnival 2009 last friday. total of 5 teams altogether. we have been the champion for ... how many years, cant remember already! hahaha :D it was really darn hot... after the first game i almost vomitted... luckily lisa was there all the time. she massaged my back.. and i had ponston in my sports bag. terrible headache man!! cant take a break coz we didn't have a reserve player.

we had the company dinner on the next day. theme was retro. and i got 3rd place, best dressed - woman... wuhhuu... richer by rm150! thanks tina for the boots!! alhamdulillah... overall it was okay, except joey was too tired that he slept early. the band was lousy!!! lisa enjoyed herself doing pocho2 anyway for the last dance.. :) AD was err... he enjoyed the food for awhile and after that he got bored.. heheheh :D

me, as usual... the veteran who performed that night. i thought i was not gonna get involved in the performance this year but... hmmm just could not resist lah!! i simply enjoy performing... dancing singing etc... ahakss..

unforgettable moment: i wanted to wear my green top when receiving my 'long term service award' from the MD but i was in my dancing costume... and guest what... when the MC called out my name, i was taking off my leggings in the dressing room!! whaa'!!!!! so, i slipped in again with my dance leggings and ran up the stage... *phew*...

overall... we had fun although all of us got really tanned! me especially... :P

time wasted

with a bit left of my crooked, semi swollen face, i drove all the way to shah alam. only to find out that the judge was not in. the case has been postponed from last month. and today he is not in. God... what a waste of fuel and energy there! can't they have the courtesy to call us if the judge is not around?? it seems that he is somewhere in sepang for some event...since 4th may... aarrgghh... i am so upset.

now i wanna go eat maggie mee!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

another weekend passed by...

i had a great time with hubby and kids at sunway lagoon. however, as i am typing this, my right side of my face is swollen. and my teeth hurts!! thats what happened when a person has like 5 ulcers in her mouth! well anyway... the best part was, i won 3rd place for best dressed last saturday during the company's annual sports carnival dinner. thanks to TN for lending me her boots. the theme was retro night. we had fun.. errmm.. yeahh... food was too much until AD could not eat anymore!!

we were done by just after 11pm. joey already fallen asleep on 3 chairs... that became his bed. with all the loud music, he can just sleep! can u believe that!!

we woke up early this morning. AD woke up first actually. :) he could not sleep with the air-cond switched on. hehehe :D now you know why our electricity bill was not that high. and by around 745am, we already left the hotel. had breakfast at pelita, bangsar. somehow, the roti canai did not taste that good like how angelina bought :( and the day was full... with my sister's meeting.. oh before that, we came home and i did some laundry ... cleaned up the kitchen.. trying to have a short nap but disturbed by AD!! grrrr... cant he see me relaxed a bit??!!

hmmm i am really tired right now.. and my gum is painful!! :( :( how do i go to work with a swollen face like this :(

ein signing off at 1214am - gosh... my writings are all jumbled up!