wierd dream

i dont like my dream last night. i dreamt someone (intruder) came into our house. then i chased him out with the pipe besi... i was shocked coz there are security at our apartment. hmmm... i dont feel good after that, although i know it was just a dream. nightmare... now i am thinking about that laaa...

i am feeling not nice la right now... i want to talk to my lisa but i think she left her phone at the apartment. been trying to call many times...

the thing about me is that sometimes i tend to take an issue to be discussed personally. i tend to shoot the issue at myself rather than ammending it. or do something about the issue. i'd just thot that o'uh so what do i do now? then, i'd feel so not nice... when actually there's nothing to worry about... get it? that's how i feel right now laaa...

why laa... and i am feeling so sensitive... :( what am i gonna do now..

another side of story: i am letting go most of my clothes. selling them as used clothes, mostly baju kurung and kebaya... i think i have too many in the wardrobe... :P


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