Friday, April 3, 2009

most expensive toilet

heheheheh.... gelak dulu.... RM3 babe.... nahhh... i was on the way to the office today when i hit the bad traffic on the highway. so, had to make a u-turn and went into klcc for the toilet... ahaksss... :D so, bayar lah rm3/- for parking :P

joey woke up at 5am this morning. it is his school's sports day today. the funny thing is, the teacher inform them that parents need not come coz there wont be a place for them... hmmm... so i just dropped him off at school and went straight to work lah.

i have been extremely busy right now at work. with the big day... and events lining up till May... so ala-ala macam cencorot lah nih...

company's sports carnival coming soon... our aim is to retain our championship! goshhh... and we havent been training enough...