Thursday, April 2, 2009


haaa take this... dah lama tak tulis, amik kau.... now i want to talk about laundry. i actually got this lesson from AD on how to wash your clothes... hehehe :D once a week, i will take the maid to the apartment to help clean up and also do some washing. so AD has been complaining that his white colored clothes doesnt look that white anymore. so, it seems that the maid mix the colored and white clothes together... eerrmmm... i do that too.. most of the time, coz i am so lazy to actually separate them? hehehe :D so apa lagi, kena bebel lah... so lepas ni kena la dengar cakap... wanna wash MUST separate the colored and whites... duuhhh... sounds funny isn't... learning to wash from a guy.. :P